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Vietnamese Brides

Where One Should Go In Order To Meet Vietnamese Brides


Today, many men prefer to find his wife through the Internet. But how to find a Vietnamese wife on a dating site, with which you can live in love and harmony, because you cannot immediately determine whether a girl is suitable for you or is the complete opposite of the ideal presented. Everything is sure to succeed if you follow certain rules and follow the recommendations of people who are knowledgeable in this case.

It should be understood that such resources on the Internet as social networks are not suitable concerning search for the second half from Vietnam. This is explained by the fact that, according to the profile of a Vietnamese girl, it is almost impossible to understand whether she is free, married or completely out of the category of representatives of non-standard sexual orientation. Therefore, all attempts may be a waste of time. Conclusion: in order to get acquainted with the Vietnamese women should go to special online resource or agency.

After you have found a proven dating site with best reviews, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:


  1. The Vietnamese bride's profile can tell a lot - the chances of a successful search result can be significantly increased. For this you just need to fill in the questionnaire as informatively Special attention here should be given to its priorities and the description of the very person with whom you would like to go through life together in the future;

  2. The goals of the potential Vietnam bride - from the information provided when considering the girl's questionnaire, you need to understand that she needs exactly a serious relationship. If the representative of the fair sex has indicated that it is only to seek communication, which does not specifically oblige in anything, it is better to discard the candidate and continue the search for another option;

  3. Does she have children - to pay attention when searching for a life partner through a network resource follows her marital status. Ignoring this nuance can lead to the fact that you have time to fall in love, and it turns out that the girl already has, for example, a son and daughter. If there is no such information in the questionnaire, additional clarifications in the correspondence will be absolutely not superfluous;

  4. The presence of photos - if the site Vietnamese girl published only one photo, it should be alerted. Everyone knows how women like to be photographed. A single copy of the picture may indicate that behind the screen lies a man or a young guy who wants to have fun. However, you should not take everything right at bayonets: just ask in correspondence to send some more photos. If refusal is at once, the option is not yours Photos in which the Vietnamese lady is posing in overtly revealing poses should also alert you. Judge for yourself what it can tell;

  5. Interests - ask the vital interests of the potential spouse. Ask her about her hobbies, where and how she prefers to spend her personal free hours. If everything told you suits, partially you approach each other;

  6. Self-esteem - if in the Vietnamese girl's application form, in terms of requirements for a guy, there is a whole story, think about whether to contact. Most likely, the Vietnamese lady of this type is looking for a fat wallet, not a man. Remember: first of all, the future spouse is a loving wife, not the Madame, who value only money and achievements;

  7. How much time has passed from the moment of registration - if a Vietnamese girl has registered on a dating resource, for example, more than a year ago, that means that there is something wrong here. It is logical that good candidates quickly find their half, and their bad temper or unattractive appearance make them look for a prince for years. As an exception - the Vietnamese lady is too busy, and the site visits very rarely;

  8. A telephone conversation and a meeting - if, when communicating remotely, you realize that a Vietnamese girl is right for you, have her talk over the phone. Often it gives a good result. After several days of communication, you can ask the potential soulmate to meet and have a good time.


Beautiful Vietnamese Women: What To Consider If You Want To Marry Successfully


Hot Vietnamese women often marry foreigners. Vietnamese men rarely marry foreign women. The main reason for this state of affairs is banal. Vietnamese are a stunted nation. A foreigner to marry a little Vietnamese lady is normal. For a Vietnamese man to find a foreign woman who is below him is very difficult. Even in the neighboring countries of Southeast Asia and China, the average height is higher than in Vietnam.

Under the NRW Constitution, men and women have equal rights. Tradition and lifestyle assign Vietnamese woman subordinate position. Confucian morality prescribes a woman to listen to her father, husband, son. However, the changed economic and social conditions level the situation. The percentage of women in senior positions in Vietnam is about the same as in Europe. Most women work. The number of women in hard physical jobs is gradually decreasing.

Vietnamese, both men and women, are considered among the most beautiful nations on Earth. The appearance of people, in addition to the proportions of their faces, also depends on physical and mental health, and this is not bad in Vietnam.

Vietnamese girls take part in various beauty contests every year and often take places in the top ten. Rise to the top prevents little pre-competition preparation. In 2008, the Miss Universe 2008 contest was held in Vietnam, in the resort town of Nha Trang. It will also be held the contest "Miss World 2010". With age, the appearance of Vietnamese females changes little, unless, of course, there are no major health problems or heavy physical labor. In Vietnam, fat people are rarely met, and fat women are even less common than men.


Marrying Vietnamese Woman: Is It Really The Best Choice For European Men?


The main qualities of good Vietnamese wifes are the familiar skill of cooking, creating and maintaining coziness in the house and not only. It would seem that one of the women does not know how. But to the surprise of many, some European girls have not learned how to cook well and tasty. Failure to understand the importance of this knowledge leads to the fact that the husband feels deprived, and the children are neglected. In addition, the ability to cook and clean the house, and the commission of these actions with love is very important here. Even scientists today agree that a person’s mood is reflected in what he is doing. That is why the dish that is prepared by the Vietnamese wife with love will be much tastier than the one made just by what you need. What can we say about the atmosphere in the house, when a Vietnamese woman put a piece of her soul into it? Such a house is filled with light and warmth; my husband wants to return to it. Therefore, it is so important that Vietnamese wife can talk to her husband with a smile, radiating care and warmth.

But here it is necessary to mention that not everything in the family should be taken only on its fragile shoulders. If a man is sullen and inhospitable, does not consider it necessary to say at least one pleasant word, he is always dissatisfied with her wife’s not doing and constantly reproaching that she doesn’t do anything, sincerely believing that housework is not work, the Vietnamese wife will find the strength in herself make yourself respect, and will not look for another man who will appreciate it. A good Vietnamese mail order bride is not a woman who is trying to please the man in everything, with a smile tearing down his disrespect and unfounded claims. A real Vietnamese wife always loves and respects herself, she appreciates her work and knows how to remind all family members of this. And in the case of a deaf misunderstanding, he ceases to please everyone and does what brings her joy. In this case, a good Vietnamese wife will never sacrifice herself to those who take everything she does for granted.


What Traits Make Vietnamese Wives Of The Best Rank?


Recently, the number of marriages between local women and foreigners has increased significantly in Vietnam. Such marriages are registered both in relatively developed large cities and in small southern provinces of the country. At the same time, Vietnamese women increasingly marry Chinese.

One Chinese writer of the past said: “Marry a Japanese woman and get a real wife, find a French woman and you will have a beautiful lover, hire a person from China and eat hearty and tasty, find an English butler and keep your house in order.” Well, if the author of these lines lived to this day, then he would certainly have chosen a girl from Vietnam for marriage. In 2010, the Chinese Dai, a native of the city of Nanjing (Nanjing) spent about 35,000 yuan (by the way, this is quite a modest amount in China) to marry a girl from Vietnam. “Young, kind, thrifty, hard-working, diligent, decent, submissive,” Mr. Dai described the many virtues of his wife. After reviewing its history, Chinese Internet users highly appreciated the appearance of the Vietnamese women and unanimously awarded her the honorary title “product of the highest category”.

Vietnamese women are deservedly considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Vietnamese girls often take part in various beauty contests, always taking places in the top ten. Is it any wonder that traveling to Vietnam with the aim of acquiring a spouse is becoming increasingly popular among Chinese bachelors. The bride trade in Vietnam has essentially become a conveyor - many lonely residents of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai have arranged their personal lives in a similar way. According to available data, more than 200 thousand Vietnamese women now live in Taiwan alone.


“All my ex-girlfriends preferred to go to expensive shopping centers even to buy some next knickknack. And Yin is happy even to walk through the usual bazaar, ”while talking about his wife, A Yin, Dai couldn't help but smile. Chinese bachelors, disappointed in their mercantile and obstinate compatriots, prefer obedient Vietnamese women. “According to our standards, you can have a modest income, but even with such money in Vietnam you will be considered rich, which means you can easily find a good, and most importantly, always submissive wife” - this is how pragmatic single Chinese think.


What pushes Vietnamese Women to marry foreigners?


The demand for Vietnamese singles has been around the world for several years. Every foreigner knows that it is Vietnamese women who are considered the most beautiful, kind, economic, responsive, merciful, in a word ideal women.

In turn, the Vietnamese mail order brides dreamed and continue to dream of meeting with the overseas prince. This dream was born a long time ago and the attitude to everything imported, including to foreigners themselves, has always been special. The forbidden fruit is always sweet and everyone wanted to try it. And even now when it became easier to find a foreign husband, and foreign life with its delicacies became available, many Vietnamese girls and women continue to dream of an overseas prince (even if not the first freshness). Foreign men seem more intelligent, courteous, polite, and above all wealthy. And it does not matter that they are separated by a language barrier, traditions, customs, religion, etc. Perhaps Vietnamese women are just tired to endure the rudeness, rudeness, drunkenness and laziness of their men. So Vietnamese women are looking for ways and opportunities to escape from everyday and gray life.

With the advent of the Internet and various dating sites that provide services for finding foreign husbands, the opportunity to make this dream easier. And now, many Vietnamese brides rushed to explore the expanses abroad. Many do not stop even the sad stories about the life of Vietnamese girls who married foreigners. It is no longer a secret that life there is not as cloudless as it originally seemed. Women have to face many difficulties and problems, they have to deal with everyday life and look for work so that they can feed themselves and the foreign prince. But probably Vietnamese women are not afraid of difficulties, so they still seek to get abroad. Of course, someone carries more, and they really begin to live like a fairy tale. And someone has to fight for their rights, for their children born in a foreign country.


Which Way Do Vietnamese Women Treat Marriage


Location, affection, love - this is what Vietnamese women are able to marry their husband. For most Vietnamese women, the location and love of a man is equivalent to reliability, security, comfort and approval. Men need to understand that Vietnamese women simply need to know that he is near, that he sees how difficult it is sometimes and that he believes in her. Location, affection and love can be expressed in many ways: kisses, presenting cards and flowers, inviting you to have dinner outside the house, taking a walk after dinner, opening the car door, giving a hand on leaving, phone calls, etc. There are hundreds of ways to say "I love you." From the point of view of a Vietnamese woman, disposition, affection, and love are central to her relationship with a man.

Beautiful Vietnamese wives need their husbands to talk and listen to them. They need much more than men usually imagine in two-way conversation. During the period of courtship before marriage, most couples spend a lot of time together and talk a lot, thus showing each other their interest and love. When two people unite themselves by marriage, they have the right to expect that attention and love during the period of courtship will remain in the marital relationship. A man who takes enough time to talk with a woman finds a way to her heart.

Vietnamese wife needs full confidence in her husband. The feeling of security is a connecting thread running through all the needs of a woman. If the husband does not adhere to honest and open communication with his wife, he thereby undermines her trust and gradually destroys the feeling of reliability. To feel reliable, the wife must believe that her husband gave her the correct information about her past, present, and future plans. If a woman does not trust a man, then she has no reason to build a serious, deep relationship.

A Vietnamese wife needs enough money to live comfortably: she needs material support. No matter how successful a woman’s own career is, she usually wants her husband to earn enough money to allow her to feel his care.

Every Vietnamese wife wants her husband to be a good father and have obligations to the family. The overwhelming majority of women, getting married, have a strong desire to create a home and have children. First of all, Vietnamese wives want their husbands to take the leading role in the family, support them in their difficult maternal role, and take on obligations in the moral and educational development of their children.



Vietnamese woman for marriage - an ideal one as she does not seek to be the head of the family. Gladly gives this role to the spouse. After all, it is his natural position, which was founded from the most ancient times. An ideal wife understands that a man should take responsibility for the entire family. She does not seek to become a mom who cares for her hubby. Smart wife just gives him the opportunity to feel like a real man. The ideal Vietnamese wife does not demean her husband publicly. At home she can say everything she wants to him. But in public, she would not insult or tease her spouse. To carry litter from the hut is a bad omen. She threatens to divorce. Or a serious clarification of the relationship.

Care about the appearance of Vietnamese women after the wedding does not fade into the background. After the wedding, the perfect Vietnamese woman does not turn into a simple housewife. She continues to take care of herself, keeps herself in shape. Fitness classes, beauty treatments and manicures are becoming a traditional ritual. And the ideal wife never meets her husband from work with a stretched dressing gown and hair curlers on her head.

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