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Venezuelan Brides

Venezuelan Mail Order Brides: Who Are They?


If someone will ask you: what associates do you have with Venezuela, what will you answer to this? Surely, many of us immediately come to mind the permanent "people's President" - Comandante Hugo Chavez, huge deposits of "black gold", and of course Venezuelan women, famous all over the world for its unique beauty and sexuality. Indeed, Venezuela chicks are the undisputed champions in terms of victories in various international beauty contests. Venezuela has as many as 6 victories in the Miss World competition, as many victories in the Miss Universe and Miss International competitions. They are very proud of their beauty and are perfectly able to demonstrate it, correctly emphasizing their seductive and appetizing forms.

What is the secret of their beauty? Most likely in the turbulent confusion of blood, because Venezuela is a country created by huge flows of immigrants during the time of the Spanish Conquest. A characteristic eye shape, long straight hair, strong and independent character, a reclining look - this is all inherent in Venezuela. Of course, one cannot say that absolutely all women of Venezuela are owners of unearthly beauty. Unfortunately, this is just a stereotype in our minds. Venezuelans probably can not be called the most beautiful nation in the world. Many girls here, alas, will not be able to meet the high expectations of men, because extreme poverty, early entry into family life, an abundance of not very healthy food (dough, meat), as well as the lack of a developed sports culture make themselves felt. In general, probably, everything is like everywhere else. To tell the truth, in mass terms, to the same Columbian or Ukrainian women, the girls of Venezuela are far away. But nevertheless, young ladies with unique natural (and not very) beauty in this country abound. By the way, about naturalness: most of them have a great love for bright make-up and plastic surgery. You heard right, many Venezuela girls somehow corrected their appearance, mainly for operations for nose correction and breast augmentation.

Hot Venezuela women need constant communication, so wherever they are, wherever they are, they easily make new acquaintances. They are sociable, pleasant in communication, always attentive to the problems of the interlocutor, but to his own soul, they will only open the door to people who are tested and understand them. A Venezuelan bride never takes hasty decisions, her every action is always carefully analyzed, all the pros and cons are weighed. But it is common for her to constantly doubt as a result of her choice, this is due to the fact that she is not completely sure that she really needs it.


Venezuela Females Are Willingly Becoming Mail Order Brides For Foreigners: Why?

According to social review more than half of the representatives of the weaker sex living in Venezuela are not averse to linking life with a man of a different nationality and going abroad with him. Some passively dream of marrying a foreigner, and some take active measures to fulfill their dream. Not the last role in this context is played by an international dating agency, which helps people from different countries to find each other at a distance of thousands of kilometers.

Why are Venezuelan women so seduced by dating foreign men? First of all, because the majority of the fair sex see this as good prospects for themselves. Having gone abroad, many start their lives from scratch. Vast prospects for self-realization, career building, the birth of children in a developed country with high social standards - all this cannot fail to captivate the minds of millions of Venezuelan girls and women who want to make acquaintances with foreigners in order to build romantic relationships, and then, if that happens, creating a family. For many Venezuelan brides abroad is a symbol of a new, beautiful and rich life, and to marry a foreigner is a way to get into this new life. This explains the hype popularity of international dating services on the Internet.

You can make acquaintance with a foreigner, interest him and bring him to a meeting in real life, not that without leaving the country - not even leaving home. It is enough to have access to the Internet and to know the addresses of international dating services, on whose websites tens of thousands of bachelors from different countries of the world are posted. Due to the fact that such sites provide internal systems for “smart” search according to certain criteria, finding suitable candidates for initial acquaintance and virtual communication is not difficult. It is enough to indicate the age, country of residence and other characteristics of the desired candidate to the system so that it selects all the questionnaires that meet the specified criteria. Next, the lovely Venezuela ladies need only look at the selected questionnaires, select the most suitable for individual criteria for evaluating candidates, and you can start the communication. And there is nothing shameful in the fact that a woman is the initiator of date. For foreigners, it is in the order of things.


What Kind of Man Wants to See Next to Her a Venezuelan Woman?


Of course, girl from Venezuela wants to meet a man who can afford to take care of her that way, but the man’s generosity and security is not the most important thing for her. She will never disregard a guy who has proved himself in something and has proven that he is able to "move mountains" for her. Dating Venezuelan girl surround her with care and attention, tirelessly tell her compliments and help in everything that you can. Do not give her a reason to doubt your courage that at the right moment you are able to rush into battle and defend her honor.

To fall in love with a Venezuelan bride, it is very important to be able to dress with taste and it is interesting to have a conversation. She should always know that the boyfriend who accompanies her is not only like her, but also her numerous girlfriends. So if you decide to win the heart of a Venezuelan bride, forget about the rest and the festivities. From now on, you will have to regularly swing your muscles, learn the rules of etiquette and communication in order to look bold, strong and tactful. Only such a guy can hope that he will be able to seduce a Venezuelan bride and get consent to the offer to become his life partner. By marrying a Venezuelan bride, you will find real treasure. Allowing herself to love, she will make you knight. Your chosen one is by nature endowed with extraordinary beauty, grace and vividness of mind. She is an aristocrat to the tips of her nails, able to charm any man and persuade her to fulfill any of her requests. After marriage, you will become the main subject of pride for your Venezuelan wife, but she will not try to re-educate you and cut you into nothing.

Venezuelan wife will not waste her nerves and strength to sort out your relationship with you, but simply confront you with a choice: do you change yourself or will she break up with you. Venezuelan woman is very demanding of her chosen one and is not able to compromise. But this does not mean that a man, having married a Venezuelan bride, will always be under her heel. The Venezuelan bride will not tolerate that her chosen one looks weak. She will do everything so that she can be proud of her spouse, and children her father. Next to a hardworking and caring man, a Venezuelan bride always radiates sunlight and rarely casts a shadow. She generously gives him her love and tries not to notice his shortcomings.


Venezuelan Brides are Officially Recognized as the Most Beautiful in the World


At the end of 2018, Venezuela officially awarded the title of the country of the first beauties of the planet. This title is assigned in accordance with the rating, which is calculated based on the results of performances of representatives of the country at major world beauty contests. This year the girls from Venezuela turned out to be the most successful, literally a few steps ahead of the second-placed Filipino. In 2018, on the basis of the rating compiled on the basis of the participation of representatives of each country in the main international beauty contests, Venezuela was recognized as the country of the world's first beauties. All year, the Venezuelans fought a desperate struggle with the Filipinka - and still managed to snatch the victory. In total, Venezuela has won this title for the 18th time, although after a significant break - after 2011, the country has been unable to become even the second for several years. This year, the country received 647 points for participation in international beauty contests, being in the first place in the rating. Venezuela managed to bypass the representatives of the Philippines through the contest "Miss World", where the Filipina flew in the first round, but the beauty from Venezuela managed to reach the quarter-finals. This was the first significant failure of the Filipinos at Miss World since 2010 — and Venezuela’s first success since 2011. In addition, the representative of Venezuela won the Miss International competition, and the other was second in the Miss Universe. In addition, the Venezuelan girls successfully performed on Miss Earth - 2018 and Miss Supranational, which ultimately elevated them to the first line of the rating, to the title of the first beauties of the planet.

Venezuela traditionally competes with the Philippines for the title of the country of the first beauties. In 2017, she was in second place in the ranking, losing the first place to Colombia. In 2016 and 2015, the Philippines was the first (Indonesia and the United States were second, respectively). In 2014, the Americans managed to reach the first place, and the Colombians were second. In 2013 and 2012, the first place again belonged to the Philippines (the second were, respectively, Spain and the United States). But in 2011, 2010 and 2009, Venezuelan were firmly in the first place. In the coming 2019 year, representatives of the Philippines will have a great time trying to become leaders again - apparently, Venezuela mail order brides are very determined!


Venezuelan Mail Order Brides: Common Misconceptions


  1. The women of Venuella are vindictive - In fact, in order to piss them off, you have to do a VERY big thing. So simply, they will not keep evil, and even more so, to remember this for years;

  2. She is jealous - Wrong! In fact, she simply does not want to share what rightfully belongs to her;

  3. Venezuela Bride - Nympho - Wrong! In fact, she loves to experience the feeling of passion in its maximum expression and is not shy about talking about it;

  4. Venezuelan brides arrogant - Wrong! They know their own worth, possess the self-confidence that they manifest in every word and action;

  5. The Venezuelan bride is often controversial and difficult to understand - Wrong! The most accurate and knowledgeable what people want is Venezuelan women! They did not hesitate to articulate their thoughts, which they resolutely put into practice;

  6. The Venezuelan bride loves to flirt and is often unfaithful to her partner - Fallacy! If she loves, then she is ready to put her whole life at the feet of her beloved. However, if the same one has not yet met her, then why not flirt.


Traditions and Customs Concerning Venezuelan Dating


The first thing that catches your eye when looking at any Venezuelan is his friendliness and cheerfulness. Some locals explain their attitude to life by the conditions of the world, which give them the opportunity to not know the feeling of hunger and cold, because the sun shines overhead and the mango grows all year round. It may seem to someone that it is possible to characterize the rhythm of life and the Venezuelans themselves as lazy. However, this does not reflect the essence of existence in this country, as the locals do not sunbathe all day long on the beaches and do not spend all their free time in front of the TV. They move and work, but in their own, somewhat measured rhythm, to which you need to get used: a life without tension and excessive efforts, both at home and at work. For example, in local enterprises, as in all other areas, you will not encounter open rudeness or “hitting” in relation to a negligent employee, as it turns out to be his instant departure from work, followed by dismissal, at best, and at worst troubles for the authorities. Even the one who has a good salary does not hold on to work in Venezuela - the state of mind and the general world outlook are more important. The words “wealth”, “career” and “social status” are not familiar to most Venezuelans; home, family and children take the first place in the system of life values, and the whole existence is concentrated around the family. By the way, this is precisely what explains the country's annual increase - in the average Venezuelan family there are rarely less than 2-3 children.

Residents of this country consider themselves absolutely happy, in any case, more than 50% of respondents answered so. Perhaps it is the contentment of their own lives that makes them so patriotic, convinced of a bright future and religious - they even paint the fences, walls and tree trunks in the colors of the Venezuelan flag, worry about their country and all the ups and downs in it, you rarely meet young people who want to leave their homeland. As for religion, its attributes accompany the locals at every step: in the house, in the office, in the hotel, on the beach and the street, in state institutions and other places you can see the image of the patron saint surrounded by flowers. At the same time, piety does not at all prevent Venezuelans from having fun, because the love for music is transmitted at the genetic level - a Venezuelan of any age and gender starts to dance and sing along, no matter where they are, if they hear music.

Marrying a Venezuelan woman you should understand that she is intenede to be the head of the family. Venezuelan men do not dispute this, considering this to be quite normal and natural. True, it should be noted that women still experience some limitations in labor behavior and social life. Venezuela mail order bride is a confident and charismatic person who is alien to the concept of complexes. She is clad mostly in bright and tight clothes, regardless of body shape. By the way, both women and men look good here, spending on caring for themselves, according to statistics, at least 30% of income. At the same time, it is not customary to wear expensive jewelry here - if a gold chain or other expensive jewelry is seen on a person in everyday life, they may misunderstand him and regard his actions as not quite adequate. Another thing is the presence of jewelry when going to a restaurant or theater.

Venezuelan women for marriage can be called creative people, seeking to create something in their own world: beautiful, cozy, fascinating. Every second Venezuelan paints pictures (worth remembering murals known all over the world - wall drawings and paintings), creates decorations, or something else. The most successful and tenacious masters open galleries and shops or sell their works in places where tourists gather. Venezuelans like to discuss new information coming to them from outside, while adhering to some kind of common opinion, rarely changing it afterwards. Their opinion is usually based on their own feelings, and not on existing rules or laws relating to the current dispute.


Summing Up


If you seriously set out an aim to meet Venezuelan singles, you will come to contact the international marriage agency. You should understand that Venezuelan women are very different from European wives. It should be noted that personal services of a dating service, if they are of high quality, simply cannot be cheap! Numerous newborn marriage agencies, dating services and “professional matchmakers” can promise you anything and offer their services “almost for nothing”. It is easy to determine where you waste your money and lose time. In such firms there are practically no “their” clients (at best, the firm is part of someone else’s client network). They will offer you to fill out a questionnaire, pay money and wait (“We will definitely pick something up for you!”). They find it difficult to present an official certificate of registration of their activities from the tax service. They do not offer customers a written contract. They prefer to meet “in neutral territory”, somewhere in a cafe or in someone else’s office that has been removed for several hours (so that they cannot be found in the future). They have their own website on the Internet, which is created for the convenience of clients in all serious Venezuela dating agencies. They cannot intelligibly tell about the applied dating technique and the results achieved during the work.

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