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Even in this day and age, most people are brought up with a rather simplistic, binary views on the matters of gender and sex. Their understanding is that male and female are the only possible sexes, and man and woman are the only possible genders. However, unless you've spent your entire life in a secluded place away from the rest of the civilization, you should know that the subject of sex and gender is more complicated than it may appear at first glance. And that the acceptance of gender diversity brings immense liberation to non-binary people.   Gender cannot be defined within an "either/or" structure; it is rather a spectrum. At birth, a person is assigned one of the two sexes, but at some point in their lives, trans and non-binary people may realize that it's not in alignment with the gender they feel they are.   A common misconception is to draw connections between a person's gender and sexual orientation. It has been scientifically proved that these two notions are not connected as much as they are thought to be. A widespread belief is that a gender non-conforming person transitions primarily to be able to have a heterosexual romantic relationship that fits within the societal standards. However, this is just a common misconception. Less than 20% of transgender persons identify as straight.  

Why Trans People Choose Online Dating

  When it comes to dating, gender non-conformity definitely gives rise to difficulties. For a transgender person, finding a life partner is a complicated task. First of all, coming out to the entire world is an extremely stressful endeavor. You fear being rejected by your community, and, depending on your circumstances, coming out may even pose a danger to your health and wellbeing.   This leads many transsexual and transgender people into the world of online dating. On the websites and apps for transgender dating, you can freely express your identity and wishes, because the platform provides the much-desired security and anonymity. Some dating websites still do not have options for transgender people, but here's a list of platforms that are worth your time.  

Top-10 Dating Sites For Transgender Singles

  • Match. The largest dating platform with a huge and very diverse database. It covers 25 countries and 30 million people that speak eight different languages. Therefore, single people of any gender and sexual orientation are welcomed on this website. The envisaged filtering options will allow you to sort the available profiles by these and other criteria, such as location, age, beliefs, interests, hobbies, and so on. Based on the information you put on your profile, Match will regularly make suggestions regarding people with whom you are likely to be compatible. Last but not least, the service is completely free.
  • Zoosk. A modern dating platform launched in 2007. It includes options for transgenders and is catered towards people with a busy lifestyle who are constantly on the go. Both the website and the mobile application of Zoosk feature integration with social networks, such as Facebook and Google+, so the registration procedure will take up less than a minute. Lastly, the website gives you a rare opportunity to create a profile, search for transgender matches and communicate with them for free.
  • AdultFriendFinder. The best website for transgender singles that are looking for some casual fun. The portal's extensive database contains 77 million users. In this space, all of them express their sexual identity and desires without fear of being judged. If your preferences go beyond an ONS encounter with one person, you'll be able to find partners for threesomes, swinger activities, and affairs.
  • BeNaughty. The site for those who are looking to experiment and try new things in their sexual and romantic lives. The membership of BeNaughty consists of attractive singles whose sexual needs and desires are unique. The platform welcomes people of all genders and sexual orientations, so you'll surely find what you need. The website's user base is very large: over 13 million people visit it every month.
  • FriendFinder-X. An adult website suitable for transgender people and those who seek a relationship with one. FriendFinder-X is a safe space that does not put up with hateful and prejudiced users. Any members who demonstrate malice are banned. Joining this dating website is completely free. If you're a transgender single looking for a one-night stand, affair or relationship, this portal can offer you thousands and thousands of diverse profiles.
  • One of the leading websites catered towards trans dating. For over a decade, it's been helping transgender people to find soulmates and life partners. The user base covers the entire planet, so the website is available in many languages. In addition to meeting kindred spirits, you can add videos to your profile, host a webcam, blog or contest. The website is optimized to run smoothly on desktop computers, laptops, and all kinds of mobile devices.
  • TransgenderDate. A well-established transgender dating website that was launched in 2007 and underwent a major redesign not long ago. All the options and features available to the user are completely free. You won't need to open your wallet to use the chats, photo galleries, blogs, and other features. The user base exceeds 400 thousand people. A major advantage over similar transgender dating websites is that each and every profile is verified manually. It presents as a safe space designed to fulfill the dating needs of the transgender community.
  • MyTranssexualDate. The members and the mission of this transgender dating website are highly authentic. A French man and his transgender spouse created this portal in an effort to put an end to all the negative stereotypes and stigma associated with the trans dating scene. The result of their work is a dating site of the international level that is catered towards transgender and transsexual women who seek a relationship with a loving and reliable partner. It is a trustworthy platform that helps transwomen meet interested men and forge committed relationships.
  • TGPersonals. A transgender dating website with a well-established presence and great reputation. Since 1999, it's been helping transgender adults find a matching partner online. To aid you in your search for a soulmate, the platform allows you to sort the available member profiles by any parameter, such as age, location, gender identity - or even a certain keyword. The way your profile is laid out encourages you to create a highly personalized bio. Since all services are completely free, this website is a great opportunity for a transgender person to experience online dating and potentially find a life partner.
  • TS Mingle. One of the best destinations for transgender singles that are looking for a fun casual date or a serious committed relationship and marriage. The site is full of useful options and has no hidden charges whatsoever. It is a great open platform for transgender people and those who adore them. When you sign up and create your profile, you have a wide range of options to identify as: man, woman, pre-op MtF, post-op MtF, pre-op FtM, and so on. This dating website also welcomes crossdressers, transvestites, and people of all other identities.

Conclusion: It's All About Having Fun But Staying Safe

  Among transgender men and women, there are many talented, authentic people that are dignified and admirable human beings. When you find yourself outside of the rigid traditional gender box, coming out and showing the world your true identity requires a lot of courage. When you come out of the closet as trans or genderfluid, it may entail losing friendships and even family relationships. Nonetheless, the LGBT community will always support you and do everything possible to lighten your burden, which includes helping you to meet similarly minded people and forge new friendships and relationships.   As a transgender person, you will face quite unique challenges once you enter the dating scene. Safety concerns might prevent you from joining a dating portal that is predominantly catered towards straight people. But you're not alone in feeling intimidated, and that's why the above-mentioned niche dating sites exist - to accommodate the dating needs of single trans men and women.   A noteworthy feature of transgender dating websites is that they encourage and promote acceptance of trans people, forging a sense of belonging singles of all sexual orientations. The above list of the top-10 transgender dating websites is a good place to start your journeys towards finding a dependable partner who will love and adore you exactly for who you are. Good luck, and stay safe!

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Commercial Transgender Dating Sites

The following transgender dating sites are NOT free but we list them for your reference and comparison. Some of them offer free trials, or subscriptions with limited services.
Popular Transgender Dating Services (but not free)
Adult Friendfinder Amour


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