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Thai Brides

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Thailand

  • The currency of the country is Thai Baht. It is widely used in Laos, partly in Cambodia and in the border states of Myanmar. Nobody here uses dollars, euros and other currencies. They are not accepted for payment, but you can still change your currency in exchange offices - it’s better not to do it on the street but in bank branches. Large amounts from 10,000 USD are best changed in proven Chinese exchangers;

  • If you see an elegant image of a man on calendars inside houses, on portraits in a frame, on billboards or in any other places - that is almost certainly the King of Thailand.;

  • You should not joke about the King, even in your own language. For insulting the royals there is a punishment, so they can easily send you to jail. For the same reason, you should not throw money, burn it, tear it, or step on it. There is an image of the king on each bill and coin;

  • Thais are extremely tolerant. Tourists will be forgiven for any absurd appearance, the perfidious violation of local customs, minor offenses. But this does not mean that you should behave like the last pig, get drunk to a screech, or walk in swimming trunks in the center of the city;

  • There are rare strange cases of missing baggage or certain items of baggage. It is better to travel only on official buses, tickets for which are bought at the bus station at the ticket office. This will provide you with a guarantee of security and responsibility for the loss or theft of baggage;

  • Farang is a name for a foreigner. Contrary to common misconception it is not offensive. It applies to people of European appearance;

  • Thais are terrible nationalists. Foreigners will never be put on the same level with themselves, but this does not mean that they will put themselves higher, Europeans are treated just as well, even worshiped in wild places. However, they don’t like Hindus, Chinese and African Americans;

  • In matters of sexual orientation, there is an absolute tolerance. In this country, everyone can define themselves to any gender according to their feelings, regardless of the presence of body parts or, for example, clothing. The classification of possible varieties is very extensive and pretty hard to understand if it’s your first visit to Thailand;

  • Drugs in the country have the death penalty. For the use of drugs tourists can be fined and deported, but most likely they will extort a bribe. There are raids in nightclubs and places with a bad reputation;

  • Tips are not accepted in most of the Thai places. In absolutely wild places people will not even understand why you left them money. In tourist places you can leave a tip for tea, but if you decide not to, then nobody will be offended;

  • It's always hot in Thailand. Except for far North when it’s winter time;

  • If you are in Bangkok and you are told that some place is closed and there is a day off there - do not believe it. That is most often a lie. You will be offered an alternative tour with a stop in the shops, that will cost you additional money;

  • Most of the Thais speak English. But because of the peculiarities of speech, it is difficult to understand that this is English;

  • Never shout at Thais. You should not show your negative emotions that way. Thais are people with whom you can always agree. If you are in an unpleasant situation, calmly negotiate and explain that you have little money or whatever happened to you;

  • The most pressing issue is the toilet. There are almost no public toilets. You can find a few of them at the stations, airports and major tourist sites, but that’s it. However, there is a toilet in every cafe, or shop. Do not hesitate to ask the locals where to find one. If they can understand you, they will lead you to their store or ask other Thais and show you the way;

  • Thai names are long, complex and incomprehensible to a foreigner. Therefore, everyone who works in tourism present their name to a foreigner in 2-3 letters, that are a lot more understandable for foreigners;

  • For tourists there is a separate tourist police. They speak English well enough and help to resolve any domestic conflicts, to search for forgotten things and lost documents;

  • Thais do not know how to read maps. No need to ask them to show the way by a map. They just won’t understand you.


What are Thai Brides Like?


1. Skin, hair and nails

Everyone in Thailand is crazy about white-skinned people. All of the white-skinned people here work on television, model agencies, cast in movies, or belong to the royal family. The bulk of the population has a dark chocolate skin tone.


Therefore, in order to be beautiful, they secretly hide from the sun with all their might, and also use bleaching creams, masks and scrubs. You will realize how serious they are about bleaching, when, for example, you will come across a deodorant with a whitening effect in a supermarket..


The cover of one of the most popular youth gloss is also sparkling with a white-skinned girl. It is clear that all color cosmetics for skin: tonal creams, powders, talcs have a light shade.


It is almost impossible to buy powder of a tone that matches the skin color of an average Thai woman. So forget about tanning, stock up with a gel for washing with acids and do not forget about the whitening scrub. The lighter the skin, the better.


It is clear that nature gives Thai brides not only dark skin, but also dark hair. All of the Thai women have dark black hair. At the same time, barely any of the girls are pleased with what they have by nature. Thai are no exception.


It is fashionable to lighten the ends of the hair, as if they were burnt out, or to dye hair in brown-chocolate tones, it is also popular to leave the natural color of hair and to highlight red hues.


Plain hair dye


Not only young women buy this type of paint, but also grandmothers. Yes, there is such a trend. By the way, it is desirable to have long hair or at least medium length. According to my observations, short haircuts for local girls are not fashionable at all (never met a single one with short hair).


Hair that is too long is also not very popular, because it gets quite hot in summer. Therefore, the average length (up to the shoulders or to the middle of the back) is the most popular option.




Most Thai girls have short nails, often covered with a normal clear varnish or bright color varnish. Gel polish does not have much popularity here, and there are even girls who had never even heard of it.


2. The figure of Thai girls and lingerie


By nature, most Thai girls are pretty small and have a male-built physique. That is why in this section I will write about the clothes, with which the girls correct this lack.


Lush shape is popular in Thailand, so push-up bras and (attention!) panties are used with the same effect. It looks like shorts with an imitation of the shape of the surface of the body, which is lower than the back.


This is a bit shocking to me, because, frankly, the local heat and high humidity induces to put on something barely visible and have a cit in a cool place. However, it is quite clear that they are used to heat and that it takes sacrifices to reach the maximum beauty.


By the way, underwear of Thai brides very bright. The first few days I took the showcase with underwear for swimsuits, because they were that diverse and had bright patterns everywhere. This is definitely not buy from us. They also have very fashionable seamless underwear, so this is a real paradise for linen collectors.


In addition to the appropriate linen, the Thai brides also love massages, that are very popular here (there are massage parlors on almost every street).


3. Clothing. Decorations. Makeup

Young girls in Thailand all together fell into childhood (at least, this may seem to people that are not quite enlightened by local fashion trends).


Baby-doll style is very common in Thailand. For example, baby blanket scarves and skirts with cats / bears / bunnies. Overalls with short shorts, bright shirts with flowers, white or gray knee-highs, and also school skirts are quite popular here.


Images with a big sweater dress or a denim skirt / shorts, a shapeless T-shirt and an indispensable attribute - massive shoes are even more popular.


Speaking of shoes. In everyday life, sneakers, bright ballet flats and massive boots are popular, and on holidays - high heels (very high), preferably with a hidden platform (otherwise it would be impossible to wear heels).



Makeup is very special when we’re talking about Thai ladies. The main thing in it is eyebrows. By nature, the eyebrows of Thai brides are lowered slightly downward. And this is what the beauties do with tit: the part of the eyebrow that goes from the highest point of the eyebrow in the center right up to the end is pulled out completely.


Consequently, most girls without makeup have only half an eyebrow. It is clear that they will finish drawing the other half every morning, and they paint it above the natural level of growth, as a result a normal eyebrow of the European type is obtained.


Therefore, it is quite difficulty to find a young Thai bride without makeup eyebrows. By the way, there are also those who were lucky with eyebrows, because they aren’t lowered downward by nature. But even these girls emphasize eyebrows with a pencil, because the emphasis on the eyes in makeup is a local fashion trend. The most voluminous mascara and extended eyelashes also continue this trend.


It is an unrealistic task to an average dark-skinned Thai girl on the cover of the magazine. All of the beauties have to be must and always with long false eyelashes and arrows. The cut of the eyes of Thai girls is small, so they try to increase the eyes visually, and make an accent on it.


False eyelashes are so popular that it is difficult to even find, for example, something just as popular here with us. What to say about the black liner for wide arrows on the upper eyelid?

They use gloss for lips

Like I have already mentioned, Thai brides are crazy about white skin. That being said, they use light powder, as well as white talcum powder. It's just a local must have: talc for the face, talc for the body, and even for men. This talc is sold in containers, the size of which vary from small to big, and it is similar to baby powder.


Thai brides are very good at putting on makeup. They are especially talented in drawing the perfect eyebrows, sticking lush eyelashes, and the perfect smooth arrows.


Where to Meet a Thai Bride?

In Thailand, the popularity and number of dating sites targeted at Western men who want to find a girlfriend from Asia is growing rapidly. Finding a companion beyond the seven seas has become easy - Thai ladies are massively exploring web space, registering in various social networks and instant messengers.


During my travels, I met compatriots married to Thai, living a standard family life with or without children, and in spite of a certain language barrier between partners — they look happy.


In the process of online dating behave vigilantly, but without undue fear. Acquaintance on the Internet dating site, is a lot more effective and safe than in a bar or in a nightclub. Monetary relations are doomed to failure in advance, and turn into a nightmare when your wallet will become empty. Dating sites are a chance to meet an honest and self-sufficient girl. Believe me, the educated Thai people also sit on dating sites, even though there are some prostitutes there as well.


Before naming the best services to find a hot Thai girl, it is worth recalling some of the obvious rules. Before you get into the search for hundreds of potential partners, remember:


  1. Continue communicating through the website for a month or two before planning a live meeting. This will protect you, because there are also fake profiles. Scammers will lose interest much earlier than this period;
  2. Do not send money, under any pretext - no matter what they say to you and how much they beg. This does not mean that there are scammers all around, but you do meet them on occasion, so be careful;
  3. Do not disclose the phone number and home address until you meet the chosen one, or at least until you chat on Skype.


How to avoid meeting Thai bar girls?


Among the lonely girls looking for their love, you will also meet bar girls, who will offer their services to you. They usually work as dancers or administrators of an institution - they are looking for a partner, and you will certainly come across them.


These can be identified by the hours that they allegedly attend at work, or by the presence of money, when they claim that they are not working, and that they can feed themselves and their small children.


Thai prostitutes usually have a basic knowledge of English, at the level of “hello - how are you”, and at the age of 20-25 they don’t even have any education further than secondary school.


For some men, this is not a problem. Decide on the type of woman you are looking for. I think the last thing you want in the world is a girlfriend who longs for extremely endless financial support for herself and her family.


Start by finding a companion who shares your interests, values, and aspirations.


Top 5 Thai Dating Sites

The user base contains 1,000,000 people, among whom 70% are women. This is the most popular dating site for foreigners who are looking for Thai brides.


The site belongs to a network of international dating sites, including Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, and many others.


You will be offered a free trial subscription, so you can use the service for a while without paying and see how much you like it. You will be able to use the search function, but there is a limit on the amount of messages you can send. The higher the membership level isl, the higher the profile is ranked in the issue results.


The basic monthly subscription package costs $ 24.99 per month.

The resource is popular among expats, and foreign relationship seekers. For a couple of years, the base of the site has grown to 872,000 people. The project's audience is young girls, students looking for relationships rather for entertainment. The only real disadvantage is the amount of ladyboys.


Subscription costs $ 18.95 per month, 3 months for $ 39.96.

There are over 300,000 registered users. What is attractive about the resource? Free functionality, sufficient for dating and communication. For $ 19.99 per month you get full access to profiles and to email address.


A primitive interface is a slight disadvantage of this service.

Do not pass by this resource, despite the fact that the title does not contain a word about Thailand. In addition to the native Thai brides, other Asian beauties who can give happiness live on the territory of the Kingdom. The site is popular among expats living in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China.


Prices are identical to - both resources belong to the same company.

Resource with an interesting concept is gaining momentum. The main idea of the site is a to find fellow for travelling. It doesn’t have to be about love and long-term relationships.


If you are going on vacation for a couple of weeks and want to have some fun, then this is the right resource is for you.


Remember that happy people rarely find time to write about their happiness, and therefore, as a rule, the Internet is full of setbacks and angry reviews.


Why do Thai Girls Prefer Foreigners?

  • Anti-gambling and alcohol addiction. With harsh laws and punishments, yet Thai men are really into gambling. They are also heavily, even though they only drink quietly, mostly at home. Thai brides are sure that foreigners aren’t like that, and they don’t have that many bad habits;

  • Fidelity. If you are a foreigner with white skin, and you know at least a little bit of Thai, then all Thai women are yours. Since you do not speak the local dialect, then you will communicate with the one that understands you (to some extent). That means that you won’t be able to talk with other Thai women, therefore you won’t be able to cheat on her. By the way, Thai brides are very serious about cheating, and they can do a lot of harm to you if they catch you with a different woman;

  • Tendency to take a feminine point of view. Thai people get used to it from childhood that the man in the family is always right. Even if it is not 100%, the Thai man will make all of the decisions, even without asking his lovely wife. At the other hand, foreigners in the view of a Thai girl are quite democratic. They are a lot more understanding;

  • Gratitude for women's chores. Thai men are used to the fact that the Thai is a wonderful hostess. The food is delicious, the duties of the marital are overfulfilled, and she also does you a massage after work. In short, for the Thai man - this is the prose of life, it does not surprise them at all. Foreigners aren’t used to such treatment, so having experienced this on themselves, they are ready to do anything for their lovely wives;

  • The desire to change permanent residence. Although Thai girls imagine a prince who will live with her in Thailand and even fall asleep with this thought. But still, each of them wants to see what is outside of her country. Therefore, most Thai women are ready to move without problems;

  • Education. Foreigners are a lot more educated. They also do everything to improve their mind and body every day. This is what Thai brides really appreciate about them.

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