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Russian Brides

Why foreigners are looking for Russian wives? The magic of the personality

It is well known that many foreigners dream of marrying a Russian woman. What makes brides so attractive to men from other countries? Why are Russian women so beautiful?

Firstly, the family is the most important thing in the life of a Russian bride, and men feel it. Although a large number of careerists have recently appeared, most brides are still willing to sacrifice their freedom and career for their husbands and children. Where else would you meet such a miracle - a beautiful, intelligent, feminine, caring woman who is ready to change her life in order to create a family?

It is also worth adding to this the strength of the spirit of Russian brides. To be a faithful companion of the husband is in Russian women’s blood. Historically, Russia has had a difficult development path, and sexy Russian women for marriage have learned to adapt to changes and difficult situations. Thus, they can be excellent partners in life with its ups and downs, and any Western person will be delighted with the reliability and ingenuity of his Russian bride.

Of course, if we talk about beauty, in every country there are beautiful women. But men who are looking for a wife in Russia often note the special grace with which Russian brides move and their sense of style.

It is no secret that there are many successful women in the world who do not know how to build happy relationships with men. Russian brides use their intellect not to shine with their erudition, but to become a real woman and build a happy family. They know the most important thing - how to understand and feel a man, how to make him happy and keep a spark in a relationship. Russian brides have innate wisdom, and this is their advantage.

How to Find A Bride in Russia and Ukraine?

One of the main advantages of finding a bride using the Internet is the ability to search for her without leaving home. That allows the man to save time and money that he could spend on trips to clubs, restaurants and other places where people usually meet. Moreover, it is much easier to find a calm and modest girl on the Internet than in a nightclub or bar. After all, the Russian bride does not go to the disco for the purpose of meeting the bridegroom but prefers to do it in a quiet and comfortable home environment.

Another advantage of finding a wife using the Internet is the ability to set any search parameters on a dating site. That is, you can search for parameters such as height, weight, presence of children, age, interests, and goals of dating. That filtering will allow you to narrow the search, so you can easily find the Russian bride that interests you. You can use the best Russian dating sites and agency.

Before you will start to chat with a potential Russian bride, fill out your profile. The fact is that many Russian brides, having received a message, first of all, enter your profile and study it. Based on the information received, they decide whether to answer you or not. So first you need to prepare your personal page, and only then start a campaign to find a wife on a dating site.

Top 6 Family Values for Russian brides

Many examples of family values can be cited - this is a fairly extensive topic for sociological research. But we will focus only on the main ones which are the main for Russian brides.


Home family value is love. It manifests itself in tenderness towards loved ones, a desire to take care of them, protect, be constantly around. Marriages based on love are happy and prosperous. They are a huge stronghold, a safe haven, where you can always return, get support and comfort.

The trust

It is important to learn to trust each other and to teach children to this. With every problem, failure, any experience you have to share with your family. Trust is difficult to buy for some money, you can only earn it, and often it takes many years.


This desire to help the weak, defenseless, to support him, the need to be useful. Such relationships make the family more harmonious.


Another guarantee of the bond of love. Willingness to be with your loved one in grief and joy, despite any temptations. That forms in a person from early childhood such qualities as loyalty to his word, deed, loyalty in friendship.


It is important to understand each other perfectly, to respect the interests and aspirations of soulmate and children. Feeling support, a person develops not only spiritually, but also rises up in a sport, career, and achieves great success.


It is expressed in respect for the individuality of each member of the family. Respect is a crucial pillar in family life for Russian brides.

How to Hit the First Date: Top 5 Life Hacks

Have you met a Russian bride, called her and invited her for a date? Great, congratulations. Now it is important not to lose face. The way you act on your first date can largely determine your future relationship. Besides, on the first date, you need to determine whether you can build a further relationship with her.


In order to seduce a bride, you need to look good! We all sympathize with tidy people. So be sure to clean your shoes, iron the clothes. You should look well-groomed from the top to the bottom. If necessary, go to the hairdresser and buy something from the clothes.

The second important point: you should smell good! Clothes should be washed, and you washed. It is advisable to use perfume. Good men's cologne is must have!

Good smell and clean clothes are needed not only in order to get a “plus” in the eyes of the girl. That alone gives you confidence. When you know that you look great, you start behaving accordingly.

First contact

Most likely, the Russian bride will come on a date a little wary. They are all so shy. Therefore, do not expect active action from her. All in your hands. You will play the first violin. She will be led. Do not be afraid to be active and cut the distance!

Remember this rule: a man with his confidence should remove the uncertainty and fears of a girl. And if the man himself is afraid - it will be trouble!

When meeting a Russian bride, immediately reach out her hand, say hello. This is an important part of getting close. Shaking hands at the meeting is a traditional greeting that is not perceived aggressively. However, it allows you to start touching the bride and gradually pushing her defense. This is the first and important stage of cutting the distance.

Lead her along

As soon as you met, immediately take an active position. Don't ask: “Where are we going?”, but Just take it and lead it where you want it. Of course, it would be good to think in advance where you will lead her. If you will be planning, you will behave more confidently. It would also be nice to think about a backup plan too. Anything can happen.

The main thing is for her to understand that you are capable of making decisions and that she can rely on you and relax. It is very important for a Russian bride to see a strong personality in her soulmate. And, as you know, a strong personality demonstrates strong behavior. Therefore, you must choose the place where you will go, the road you will take, and so on. Don't ask her, just lead.

Communicate Be positive

The Russian bride came to meet with you not to be silent. She came to relax and probably know you better. Therefore, do not be stupid. Start telling something. If you don't know what to talk about, ask her a few questions. About studies, about how she likes to rest, about hobbies. Oh, somewhere your interests should cross. Tell about yourself.

Be easy in communication. Be positive. Brides often mirror the guys, that is, they “adopt” their emotional state. Therefore, if you are light and cheerful, your mood will be transferred to her too.


The ability to make compliments is an important skill for any guy. Brides love by their ears and if you are well complimenting your bride, then it will be much easier to succeed. Many guys are shy or afraid to say nice words to a girl and express sympathy. Therefore, it is much more difficult for them to achieve good disposition.

Mail-Order-Bride in Society: Pros and Cons

Starting a relationship today is much easier then, for example, a decade ago. Hundreds of sites and applications have appeared - from Pure, with its acquaintances for a couple of hours, to Badoo, where you can immediately announce serious intentions. Again, geography has ceased to matter: you can get together with a person from any continent and decide together who will move to whom.

Against this background, the industry continues to exist that arranges marriages between men from countries with a high standard of living and women from poor regions of Asia, Latin America, and the former USSR. Some men are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to offer Mail-Order-Bride, and some brides continue to focus on the rapid emigration and relocation at all costs.

Agencies help to get documents for a visa and arrange for men to choose Russian mail order brides from Eastern European countries - this is reminiscent of speed-dating.

A bride from a poor country becomes an ideal option for a man who believes that a bride should not have ambitions, but she should be young and energetic, including to do all the housework.

Opinions of people in this method of finding a wife are different. Someone considers Russian mail order wives to be unacceptable, while others are open to such possibilities. The main drawback of such a quick choice of a bride is the opportunity to become after some period of time disillusioned with a partner due to the wrong choice.

How to Find a Russian Bride in Legitimate Way?

Acquaintance with hot Russian brides is absolutely legal if one main condition is achieved. That condition is that a Russian bride must be over 18 years old. Upon reaching this age, she has the right to completely control her life and make serious decisions.

It is also important to use trusted and legal dating sites that guarantee compliance with age restrictions and have ways to protect against fraudsters.

What It the Perfect Man for Average Russian Bride?

Of course, brides, like men, have certain requirements for each other - a set of certain qualities that make a person attractive. So, what do beautiful Russian women want, and what kind of man do they want to see next to them? To create the first impression when you meet Russian women is the key to the success of further relationships, as the woman herself will endow her soul mate with all the necessary qualities. So, what qualities do Russian ladies want in their men:

  1. Strength. A real man should be strong, absolutely all women think so. And it is difficult to disagree with them because the very word “man” is fundamentally connected with the word “courage”, which is synonymous with the word “strength”. From her chosen one, a Russian bride initially waits for protection, that she will be behind him like behind a stone wall. That person should have enough courage to cope with the blows of fate and emerge victorious from any situation. He makes decisions and lives according to how he decided. He is always ready to answer for his words and actions. If circumstances are not favorable, he will be able to cope with that.
  2. Social sustainability. He is respected and desired in any company; he is sufficiently secure and able to provide his soulmate to fulfill her whims. The woman next to such a man feels protected, she wants to be close to him. As a result, she is proud of her husband - she can brag rights with her friends.
  3. Sensitive and attentive. When a man is in the company of his soulmate, all his attention should be focused only on her. Men call it selfishness, but for a woman, it is more than natural. Especially appreciated by the woman the situation when a man is strong and domineering at work, but gentle and kind at home with family. From this, Russian brides are able to come in a state of absolute euphoria. Also, a bride should feel that a man sympathizes with her problems and is ready to solve them. Life is so complicated - we, men, are called to solve women's problems and be strong.
  4. Smart. You can talk with a man on various topics, not just about football and types of beer. A man should be fairly erudite. If a Russian bride is much more mentally advanced than her companion, then she may lose interest in him over time.
  5. Sense of humor. A man must have a developed sense of humor, must feel when to be serious, and when relaxed.
  6. A man should not be like a woman. He should not dye his hair and shave his chest. He is not naughty and does not whine. In other words, a Russian bride does not need another woman, she needs her opposite. The woman has problems, the man has ways to solve these problems quietly, the woman has whims, the man has the means to realize the whims.

As you can see, the requirements of Russian brides to men are no more complex than those of men to women. So just be yourself, don't play and your ideal bride will surely find you.

Budget for Getting a Russian Bride?

The cost of acquaintance, ranging from chatting to dating can vary considerably. You must be prepared to spend money on:

  • registration on the international or Russian dating site (membership);

  • phone calls (except when both of you use instant messengers);

  • dinner in a restaurant;

  • tickets for the plane/train;

  • hotel room.

We recommend that you reserve a table and book a hotel room in advance if you have agreed on a date. This way you can plan your expenses correctly.

Top 6 Tips to Find Your Perfect Russian Bride

We have prepared some tips for you so that you can simplify the search for a bride by focusing on the process and the result.

  1. Look for a bride only on large and proven dating sites, which will allow you to avoid all sorts of problems.
  2. When communicating with the pretty Russian bride, try to learn as much as possible about her interests. Find out how she likes to spend her free time. That way, you will understand whether a person is suitable for you or not.
  3. Ask a potential bride about her life views. But it does not need much to delve into politics or religion. If the communication goes well, then you will still have time to discuss it.
  4. After some time spent in communication with the Russian bride, ask her to send you some photos. However, no need to hint at a snapshot of erotic content, because you are pursuing very different goals. You just need to look at how the bride looks in those pictures that she doesn’t have in the profile.
  5. If you like a Russian bride and your communication will go well, then ask her phone number in order to move to a new level of communication. If a Russian bride gives you her number, then she was interested in getting out.
  6. After a telephone conversation, ask her to meet.

Common mistakes

  1. There are some guys who start chatting with Russian singles on a dating site asking for a phone number. Such arrogance is intolerable by the majority of really decent and young Russian girls. So, to search for a potential wife, this phrase is definitely not suitable.
  2. Some men go even further and in the first message, they ask the bride for a meeting. A decent girl will respond to such a request with a categorical refusal. Moreover, a message with such a request will scare her away from you. Well, if the girl agreed, then she definitely does not fit the role of your wife. So, if you are looking for a bride on a dating platform, then this method should be avoided.

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