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Online Dating Safety Tips

Welcome to our online dating safety tips. Online dating can be a lot of fun and you may be especially excited when you are meeting online and dating for the first time. But it is important to be aware of some precautions you should take for your own safety and for successful online dating.

1. Use A Separate Email Account

Set up a new email account just for online dating. This will keep all the dating-related emails and messages completely separate from for other personal or work email accounts. By doing this all your dating information will be in one place. It will also be easy to "turn it off" if you start receiving unwanted messages.

2. Protect Your Real Identity

Make sure that your real name is not included in your username, your profile or your email address. Check that your email signature doesn't have your name too.

3. Check Dating Sites' Privacy Policy

Make certain that your personal details will not be visible or passed on to third parties.

4. Spamming & Solicitation

Sometimes you may encounter situations where you suddenly start receiving spam (junk mail) or solicitation emails (trying to sell you something). If this happens from someone you met through an online dating service, we advice you to cease contact with them and report their behavior to the dating site as inappropriate.

If you followed our advice above and used a separate email address for your online dating, it should be relatively easy to filter out the spam or even change to another email address.

5. Watch Out For Scams

There are many variations of online dating scams. Typically a scammer will create fake profiles on an online dating site for the sole purpose of making friends, or getting dates, and then manipulating them with a sad and convincing tale of unfortunate circumstances, with the ultimate goal of getting you , the victim (you) to send money to save the day. 

Never, ever send money
to someone that you meet online.


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Online Dating Safety Tips

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