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Norwegian Brides

Norwegian brides are very good for marriage!

Many people are convinced that Norway is a country of severe cold and gloomy people. It's false. If you meet a girl from Norway, you will understand that she is ready to warm and make everyone happy. In the cold season people here wear coats, jeans and warm sweatshirts, and in the warm season - T-shirts and shorts. If you want to find yourself a foreign bride, be sure to pay attention to the Norwegian women. They are so different that you can definitely find your love!  All girls from Norway unit the desire to be loved, to create a strong family and to delight her husband every day. It is also proven that they have a great sense of humor, so you will never be bored. Girls are undemanding.They do not need too much salary and a mountain of gifts from men. Women just need love and respect.


Norwegian brides - marriage and children

If you are ready to forget about life in a noisy area near the roadway with polluted air, then the Norwegian wife will sure support you! These girls prefer to live in clean and uncrowded places. Most often they live in private houses. The main thing - beautiful trees should grow around. Girls eagerly undertake not only for the repair and layout of the house, but also for cleaning, upgrading the area around. Be sure that marriage with a Norwegian girl will make your life much brighter.

Norwegian mothers are well versed in raising children. They instill the best human qualities in their daughters and sons. Understanding and love will reign in your family. In evenings you will enjoy board games and other entertainment. A Norwegian woman will definitely be able to develop a desire to learn good things in a child. It is considered that schools here are a kind of continuation of kindergarten. Children are taught simple, but very important things that can come in handy in adult life. If after marrying a Norwegian woman you decide to live with the whole family in her homeland, then your child will receive an excellent education.

But don`t think that Norwegian women can only be good housekeepers. Most women have a mathematical turn of mind and strong character, so they can occupy high positions at work. Girls are not afraid of work, because often choose male profession, for example, a builder, a teacher at the institute, a chemist, a policeman etc. In couples responsibilities for the house are distributed so that it is convenient for everyone. If you are at work, your wife will make a delicious dinner, and all the lessons with children are done before you return home. And if you can cope well with all domestic tasks, then the Norwegian wife will work productively, in her free time she will have a rest with you and children.

What do most Norwegian brides look like?

Norwegian nature is characterized by cold natural beauty. This is white hair and teeth, soft skin and expressive eyes. Plastic surgery in Norway is not popular. This industry is developing poorly, because women prefer simple and daily self-care. They are going in for sports and rarely miss workout. Gyms are on almost every street and they are never empty. Also on the sports grounds you can see whole groups of girls involved in fitness or yoga. In winter people of Norway are fond of skiing. Very often tournaments and competitions are organized for experienced and novice athletes. Thanks to this love of sport, most Norwegian brides look good. We must pay tribute to clean ecology. Even in old age women look good and stylish. On weekends girls love to dance in nightclubs with friends. They treat foreigners well, so you can easily get to know a Norwegian bride here.

Norwegians definitely have a sense of style. In Norway it is customary to wear classic monophonic clothing or sportswear. The most popular brands are “Bergans” and “Stormberg”. If you are going on a date in an unfamiliar country, then choose for yourself the appropriate clothes. For example, jeans with holes, that are so popular in other countries, in Norway can cause questions even among police representatives. And the indigenous people will look at you like a white crow and sidestep. It is not customary to wear bright clothes or expensive jewelry. Natural fur should also be abandoned in the country.

Norwegians' strange traditions or a guide for a foreign guest

If you have found several attractive profiles on the website of norwegian mail order brides, don`t hurry to make a choice and meet girls in real life. Read their interests. Many Norwegian ladies are members of political and social organizations. It is important that your views on life coincide with the views of woman. We have already said that Norwegians are strong personalities. Although they all need love with a real man, they are rarely willing to give up their interests and attitudes. It would be better if you find yourself not only a girlfriend for marriage, but also a best friend in one person. Girls of Norway can always keep up the conversation in the men's company, so your friends will be delighted with your girlfriend.


Norway is an amazing country and there are customs that can be incomprehensible to people from other countries. Read important points that you should consider before your first date.


  • Norwegian ladies often pay for themselves in a store or restaurant. A separate budget is the choice not only of most families, but also of couples in love.

  • Do not give too many compliments. Be open, honest, but do not say too much beautiful words. Norwegian ladies do not like this.

  • Norwegians don`t like to receive guests at home. Meetings are held in restaurants. If the girl invited you to her home, it means that she already perceives you as part of her family.

  • Try not to be late for a meeting. Norwegians are very punctual people. Being late they can be regarded as disrespect for themselves. If you are at least 5 minutes late, call or search for another method to report girl.

  • Norwegians are very hardworking. Although their working day is rather short (from 10 am to 4 pm), they will not be distracted by a cup of coffee or chat. You should not distract girl from her job duties. Immediately after the end of the working day she will devote herself to relationship.

  • Do not shout and do not express too brightly your emotions in public. Norwegian women are very restrained. They value this quality in their partners.


Norway is an amazing country that you can talk about forever. But is there any point in this if you can personally get to know it?  Even if you live too far, our norwegian mail order bride agency is ready to help you! Look at the Norwegian brides profiles and listen to your heart. This choice can turn your life for the better. And a country that used to be too unfamiliar and mysterious will become warm and dear for you.


Why norwegian brides are popular among foreign men?

These girls have too many good qualities that men like. But the main thing - they are very different. You can find a fragile princess who will actually prove to be a strong businessman and a person with whom you can be confident in your future. You can find an attractive blonde whose beauty will be reflected in your common children in order to build a strong family with her. You can find a sexy lady who will become your best friend and can always cheer you up in difficult times. You can find a fan of football, which is engaged in the construction of machines during working hours and has men's interests. Norwegian brides are very different, but the main thing is that they all want simple human happiness.

These girls are not mercantile. If in other countries women are considered men only by the thickness of the wallet, then the Norwegian bride doesn`t care about your salary. These are smart girls who also know how to earn good money and not to depend on the financial position of their husbands. Also in the flower-bouquet period you will not need to buy dozens of gifts, expensive jewelry, designer shoes and incredibly expensive dresses to please the girl. Your task is to simply prove to her that you will become the man with whom she want to share joy and sorrow. Norwegian marriages are held on love for many years. Children in families grow up happy and self-sufficient. If this is exactly how you imagine real human happiness, then hurry to meet the norwegian singles. Search on the site will definitely help you to find love!

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