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Jewish Singles: First Glance

  In Southeast Asia is one of the most high-tech and youngest states - Israel. The standard of living here is the highest in the Middle East. The main condition for achieving success in Israel is sociability, benevolence, contact, ability and desire to please others, especially those on whom the solution to your problems depends. In addition, the main features of the character of the average Jew are:
  • The average Jew is very persistent. An ordinary Jew is a person with a very active life stance, who will, until the last moment, achieve what he wants. The world must roll over, but a Jew must get what he needs;
  • An ordinary Jew is not indifferent and will always help you in a difficult situation. If you feel bad on the street, then everyone will surely come running around, and there will be several doctors in this crowd. If you carry some heavy bags, then, most likely, there is a person who can help you carry these bags. Or, for example, a person is standing on the road and obviously cannot leave, or he is in some not very safe place. Then there will definitely be a driver who will stop and send this person to a better place, although this is forbidden in Israel;
  • The Jews are very noisy and speak very loudly. Sometimes it may seem to you that a Jew shouts, swears at someone, emotionally gestures. In fact, he discusses with his wife what to buy for dinner. But here it is worth noting that not all Jews are very noisy and speak loudly. Most noisy Jews are Jews with oriental roots. Jews with European roots are calmer. It is also worth noting that the Jews are noisy in all situations. As a rule, it occurs in the markets, in family cafes, public transport or on the street;
  • An ordinary Jew loves dogs and animals in general, but dogs in particular. In every second private house and every third apartment there is a dog, and sometimes not one. They can be small, large - absolutely not important. It cannot be said that it was very fashionable to take thoroughbred dogs, many people take dogs from a shelter;
  • An ordinary Jew does not consider himself better or worse than others. For a Jew, other Jews are brothers and sisters. Such an awareness of equality is instilled by the army, when it does not matter how much money your parents have, what kind of power they have, you serve on a par with everyone, under the same conditions with all of your shoulder to shoulder without much regard to yourself;
  • An ordinary Jew can easily talk to a stranger, for example, ask where you bought your child such a wonderful jumpsuit, or joke, passing by you, smile, say hello, ask how are you. Yes, an absolutely unfamiliar person whom you see for the first time in your life.
Despite the fact that the Jews are very contact, they often visit dating sites to search for their second half. Jewish dating sites are also popular among Europeans, since many people want to marry or marry a Jew and go to Israel for permanent residence. According to ancient tradition, the Jew who decided to marry, turned to the matchmaker. She took care of the organization and matchmaking, and the wedding itself. However, in Jewish communities they never entered into marriages against the wishes of the bride and groom. At the same time, traditionally among Jews it was believed that casual acquaintances, as a rule, do not lead to anything good, and therefore religious Jews still prefer to turn to professional matchmakers. True, in their quality are increasingly sites of Jewish dating.  

In What Way are Jewish Dating Sites differ from Others?

  Sites offering Jewish dating on the Internet are intended for those who want to create a real family. As a rule, such sites adhere to a number of rules:
  • deal only with Jewish marriages, read more about acquaintances with Israelis here;
  • carefully check the accuracy of the information provided by potential brides and grooms;
  • provide advice to a rabbi on family matters;
  • at many sites, only a shadkhan (matchmaker) can publish a questionnaire of a potential bride or groom.
  At the same time, on the Internet dating sites of Jews (especially concerning Jewish singles over 60), there will be an understanding of both Orthodox and non-religious Jews, as well as those who are only going to accept Jewry.  

Dating Jewish Women: How to Register

  Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a person with whom you can happily live your whole life, and if you decide to observe one of the most important commandments left to the Jews to maintain the purity of the Jewish family, the task becomes more complicated. Jewish dating clubs, including virtual ones, come to the rescue, many of which operate in synagogues. What is necessary to become a member of such a club? As on any other dating site, the first thing you will need when creating the profile is filling out a questionnaire. In addition to traditional information (name, date of birth, country of residence, education, etc.), you will need to report:
  • is your mother Jewish or did you accept giyur;
  • is your father a Jew?;
  • their attitude to the observance of such commandments as kashrut, sabbath, value;
  • some sites except personal photos are asked to attach a scan of your mother's birth certificate or other document confirming Jewish nationality.
  In addition, you will have to answer questions frankly about your marital status, the presence of children and your health. Another "fad" of the dating site questionnaire is whether you studied at any Jewish educational institution (if yes, when and where). But that's not all. On many sites, a prerequisite for posting a questionnaire is the item "The name of the rabbi who knows you," and you must also give a phone number on which the administration can contact him to get confirmation of the information you left. On serious dating sites, your profile will be activated only after the administrator has verified the accuracy of all the data you have filled out.  

Best Jewish Dating Sites: What You Need to Know

  There are certain subtleties that need to know those who decided to create a real Jewish family, resorting to the help of online dating.
  1. First of all, let you not be confused by such a moment as the recommendation of the Shatkhan. Even if you do not know who to contact, the Internet will help you. To do this, simply type the search query "search for shatkhan" and specify the country of your residence. As a result, you will find a list of all marriages in your region, including home and mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and will be able to contact them both for advice and for a recommendation to you;
  2. Secondly, even if you, being a Jew, do not know Jewish traditions and rules, you should not despair. On serious dating sites, as a rule, it is possible to get online advice from a family counselor or a rabbi;
  3. Thirdly, when entering into a Jewish marriage, you will need to confirm your Jewishness. Today, many Jewish dating sites offer the help of their specialists, up to the decision of Beit Din (rabbinical court), which will remove a lot of trouble from you, which are more than enough before the wedding;
  4. The fourth rule: if a woman is divorced and wants to marry a Jew, she should receive a het (a letter of divorce) from her ex-husband. Only after that her profile will be activated on the site, and only after that she can enter into a re-marriage.
  And yet ... If you are not Jewish (not Jewish), but willing to enter into a Jewish marriage, you must accept giyur. Until this process is completed, your profile will not be activated, but you can already fill it in and even have an interview.  

Concerning Modern Realities, Getting Married / Marrying is Much More Difficult: What is the Secret?

  In the modern world, marriage has ceased to be a mandatory item in the life program of every self-respecting woman. Young people are easier to look at what else our parents seemed unshakable: career growth and self-realization pushed the family as the main goal of life. We hear all the time that traditional marriage is crumbling, and homosexual and polyamorous relationships break the institution of the family and its centuries-old tradition. The problem is that there is no "traditional marriage": marriage at different times and for different nations depended on cultural attitudes and living conditions, and included a rather wide range of possibilities. If somewhere for the marriage did not have to stay alive. For example, in China, there is still a tradition of a posthumous marriage: before the ceremony was carried out for two dead, so that people would not be alone in the afterlife, and over time the practice of marrying a living person and a dead man appeared. Even the usual heterosexual marriage in reality was far from the way we imagine it. We are accustomed to consider love as the only (or at least the only socially approved) reason for marriage, but this was not always the case. Of course, romantic love existed at all times, but it was often considered that it was incompatible with marriage: too many meanings and functions were put into the marriage itself so that two lovers could make decisions on their own.  

Where is love?

  "The more I study marriage, the more I am convinced that he had nothing to do with the relationship between a man and a woman. Marriage was invented in order to be able to get new relatives," says Stephanie Kunz, a researcher and author of several books about family history and marriage. Marriages really pursued a variety of goals: they were needed to conclude strategic alliances and truces, to maintain the well-being of the family, to receive land and other property - love could arise in marriage, but it was not a cause, but rather a consequence. Remember Anthony and Cleopatra, who are considered one of the greatest love stories of the past - their marriage was also important from a strategic point of view. For prosaic reasons, representatives of the poorer segments of the population often also got married, for example, so that there were more hands in the family.   The marriage of love, as we used to perceive it, began to appear only towards the end of the eighteenth century. For example, in Britain, love became the basis for marriage in the time of Queen Victoria - with the growing influence of the middle class, traditional socio-economic reasons for marriage began to fade. At the same time, a married woman was in a more vulnerable position, since she was economically and legally dependent on her husband: and if a man could just marry for love, the woman had to not only love the chosen one, but also find someone who could provide it. For example, until the middle of the nineteenth century, American women could not own property: even if a woman worked, her income belonged entirely to her husband, who, in turn, was obliged to contain it. It is believed that in the modern world, marriage helps primarily in resolving legal issues: if the relationship does not matter whether a couple is married or not, then only official registration can help with legal issues like simplified citizenship. Perhaps this is the answer? Modern people have become very prudent and do not want to share acquired property and capital with their spouse. In simple terms, the world is becoming increasingly mercantile.  

Some Secrets of Online Dating

  So, you have already decided that you will seek your love among the Jews. Now you need to choose a dating site or apps and learn some subtleties. The shiduh procedure is quite simple - interested people fill out a questionnaire compiled by an Israeli rabbi and answer the questions of the "shiduh rules". Then, on the basis of the completed application form, a suitable candidate is selected. First selects the bridegroom, then his details are sent to the chosen female candidate. If the bride does not mind, then the young man and the girl are scheduled for the first meeting, which takes place either in the community or in a cafe near the bride's house. Young people get acquainted, further, if everything suits them and the female side does not object, the shadkhanit sends the contacts to the man for further communication. Employees of the site or dating agencies are trying to acquaint people with all the rules of shiduh (kashrut, sabbath and mikvah), to draw attention to the importance of prayers for the bride and groom, so that God Almighty will help to see if this person is half. Despite the fact that on Jewish dating sites all activities are conducted under strict control by the administration and even a rabbi, you need to follow some personal rules:
  • Be yourself - do not invent any stories about yourself in order to bring mystery or mystery into the image. You do not need to pretend to be anyone: a man should fall in love with you, and not with a stranger that you have composed for some reason. "Still, you can't be someone else for a long time, but you can lose those who might like you to be real, with all the advantages and disadvantages;
  • Do not rely on the photo of the interlocutor - when meeting online you can select candidates as if from a card file, but do not pay all your attention only to photos. Avatar is not always true. People are often obtained in photographs other than in life. The picture may be absent altogether, but this is also not a reason for alarm: perhaps your interlocutor simply does not like his real photos. Concentrate on how easy it is for you to keep up the topics of conversation - this is more important than your appearance;
  • Do not hide your goals - on any dating site, especially concerning Jewish dating sites over 50, when creating a questionnaire, you can indicate what you are looking for: friendship, relationship with subsequent marriage, periodic meetings with the purpose of entertainment, and so on. Do not hide your desires, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to reduce all topics of communication to a potential wedding. Relax, discuss everything that interests you, because the first step to happiness is mutual interest in each other;
  • Do not try to change the goals of others - if a man writes you to meet, but does not plan anything serious - do not waste time on him. The likelihood that, for your sake, he will give up his freedom, is negligible. If you want marriage, then the relationship with the freedom lover is doomed to failure;
  • Do not talk only about yourself - you wrote a man, but this is not a reason to immediately advertise yourself as an ideal woman. You need to tell about yourself, but do not rush to share all your secrets, leave something for a personal meeting. In addition, do not forget to ask questions about the man with whom you met. Ask where he works, how old he is, what are his favorite movies. If the entire conversation is only about you, the interlocutor decides that he is not at all interesting to you;
  • Do not rush to personal acquaintance - you should not agree to a personal meeting on the first day of acquaintance. Communicate with each other a little longer, decide for yourself whether you really like this person, how comfortable you are to correspond. If you can not find common topics for conversation, even on the site, do not think that everything will change, you should meet in live. On the contrary, with live communication it will be even more difficult, but it will be problematic to leave the interlocutor without offending him. Wait a couple of days before you decide that you are ready to meet a new acquaintance in real life. If you still do not have enough communication outside of text conversations, try to start with a cell phone or video chat on Skype;
  • If you plan to marry a Jewish, develop your sense of humor. Without it, it will be difficult to charm a girl or impress a man. Jews are joking a lot and with high quality, so that the future wife / husband probably grew up in an atmosphere of humor and laughter, having managed to absorb these qualities since childhood. And the Jews are joking at things that cannot come to your head. Although Jews have very sarcastic humor, they do not go beyond the limits of vulgarity.
  Nowadays more and more Jews meet by means of online dating services. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and acquaintances for friendship, correspondence, love, creating a full-fledged Jewish family based on true Jewish values and traditions.

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