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Filipino Brides


Judging by the five largest international beauty contests ("Miss Universe", "Miss World", "Miss Earth", "Miss International", "Miss Supranational"), the most beautiful women in the world are Filipinas, because they managed to win at all these five contests, while none of the other nations were able to achieve this. The secret of success of the Filipina brides is in the universality of their appearance, combining the characteristics of the Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Australoid races. Many Americans, Canadians or Europeans will choose a Filipina girl for marriage among all Asians, not only because of their beauty, but also because of the lack of a language barrier (in the Philippines almost everyone speaks English because the country is a former American colony). Most of them are also religious : 90 percent of Filipinos are Christian.


Filipinos are not a single nation, but a group of nations. So called the entire 100-million population of the Philippine Islands, as well as descendants of people from the Philippines living in other countries, for example, 3.5 million Filipinos live in the United States.

Interesting Facts About the Philippines

The Philippines is an exotic country, once opened to the world by the Spaniards. With its colonial architecture and Catholic churches, it is very different from the rest of the Asian region. Its natural wealth attracts more and more tourists from year to year. Impassable tropical rainforests with lush and vibrant vegetation, majestic volcanoes, magnificent sandy beaches and the diverse underwater world of coral reefs with its amazing inhabitants are available all year round. The Philippines has long established itself as one of the best places in the world for diving and beach holidays.


Here are the most interesting facts about the Philippines:

  • The population of the Philippines grows the fastest comparing to other Asian countries;

  • The Philippines is the only country in the world prone to all natural disasters. Typhoons, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes are pretty common here;

  • The Philippine capital Manila is the most populous city in the world;

  • There is no divorce procedure in the Philippines.

  • People from all over the world travel to the Philippines to be cured by healers. Healers are the people who save others from the disease by penetrating the body through the skin without damaging it;

  • Cockfights are the most interesting entertainment on the islands;

  • The largest and most rare bird in the world is in the Philippines, this is the Philippine eagle or harpy eagle;

  • More than seven thousand islands make up the state of the Philippines.

  • The locals are really religious and do not welcome abortions or divorces, the families of Filipinos are numerous, having less than three children is something weird for them;

  • The Philippines received its name in honor of one of the Spanish kings - Philip II, since the country was a Spanish colony for a long time, and gained independence only in 1946;

  • English is one of the official languages and the country's symbolism has its own distinctive features - during the war, the Philippine flag - was the only one in the world that was turned upside down;

  • The Philippines is a fairly advanced country. It occupies a leading position in the text messages sent, for which it received the name "text capital of the world." Here are the largest top three shopping centers in the whole world, and Wi-Fi is distributed almost anywhere in major cities, even in international buses;

  • Filipinos are descendants of different nationalities, who once discovered and mastered this territory, they represent the largest diaspora network in the world - more than 11 million people. As residents of a southern country, they are extremely friendly, they prefer a measured way of life and are always welcome to tourists. The country is loyal to gays and lesbians, which is also why the Philippines is the world leader in sex tourism.


What are Filipina Brides Like?


Filipina brides are always ready for love. It is important to note that they are not just ready to be loved, but they also enjoy the state of being loved. Filipina brides always know what they want from life, and enjoy everything that brings them happiness, because they understand how short the life actually is. This is what differs them from European women, who always feel depressed and complain about life. Filipina women can enjoy any situation. It doesn’t matter if she is pregnant or sick, because she will still smile and accept attention signs with the same joy. A lot of kids is not an obstacle for them. It’s actually the opposite.


As soon as the Filipina bride wakes up - she is ready for anything - to talk, to cook, and to have sex. You can wait for a few seconds and start doing anything you want with her.


Filipina brides do their best to avoid divorces. Whatever happens, the Filipina will try to save the family. After all, they think of divorce a shame, that will cause gossip of neighbors and relatives. This is a certain "stigma". Nobody will want to marry such woman after that. In the Philippines, Catholic traditions are very strong. It is believed that a woman should marry being a virgin. If she isn’t, then no one will take her, and it will be a shame for life. However, anything can happen in this life, so you might be questioning what should a Filipina do in this case. The best thing would be to move to a different big city, where nobody knows her and start life over.  It is desirable to do it with a foreigner, who will treat her with more respect.

In the Philippines, there is a strange belief that the first man in a woman’s life becomes the most important for her, so they try to stick with one person till the end of their lives.


Appearance is one of the best things about FIlipina brides. There are a lot of mixing bloods, races and nationalities. You can find a Filipina, which looks exactly like a Spanish girl. There are also some that look Chinese and African if you know how to search well. Hawaiian women, considered to be one of the sexiest on the planet, are often half blood Philippine.


More great things about Filipina brides:

  • They have a gorgeous figure. Most Filipina brides are not too tall, but they are distinguished by long sexy legs that beckon so well. Another interesting feature is their tendency to stay thin even at old age. They always look great, because they take care of themselves, so obesity does not threaten them;

  • Most of them are fluent in English. Since English is considered as one of the official languages ​​in the Philippines, you will not have problems communicating with beautiful Filipino girls. And communication and mutual understanding in relationships is incredibly important. Even despite the fact that the Filipino girls are quite shy, they are always extremely welcome to foreigners and very friendly. They will be happy to meet you, even though they are waiting for the first step from you. You can easily get to know them right on the street, in a bar, a club, and pretty much in any other place. If you noticed her flirtatious look on yourself, then you can be sure that she’s interested in you. Therefore, you should come to her and try your luck;

  • Family is more important than studying. This does not mean that they are extremely lazy and do not find time for self-development, but most of them are quite illiterate. You have to understand that in the Philippines there is a public school, which has 3 years of free education, but further education is extremely expensive and not everyone can afford it. However, Filipina brides aren’t really sad about it, because they value family the most. They spend their lives in search of a suitable man, and prefer foreigners most of all. You can be sure that you will have many children, and they will also take care of you for the rest of the life;

  • Money is a big plus, but not the most important thing. It would be foolish to say that Filipino brides do not pay attention to the viability of the husband. This is normal for any person, as it shows how successful a man is and whether he can feed his family. Nevertheless, it is not the most important thing for them. Most of all, they appreciate the confidence of the man and how much his words correspond to the actions. They love purposeful men who clearly set goals for themselves and know how to achieve them. This, by the way, is another reason why they love foreigners so much;

  • They are extremely hardworking. Statistics show that the Philippines have the best nannies and nurses. They know how to work and do it with dignity. Another very important virtue of Filipino girls is obedience. They are always very patient and very obedient, especially in relation to their husband. Thus, it is the man who is the head of the family who makes all the decisions;

  • Filipino brides are very honest. They will never hide anything from you and will tell you the truth, even if it’s bitter-sweet. They will also let you know if you are doing something and if they feel like you don’t treat them with enough respect, so be polite with your woman;

  • They are wise. Even though some of them don’t have a higher education, it doesn’t mean that they are stupid. They are very wise and know when to help their men with useful advice.


Where to Look for Filipino Brides?


Tourists in the Philippines have a lot of fun in the dark, and the nightlife in this country is extremely varied - you can visit open dance floors and chic clubs, strip shows and disco bars, cozy cafes and numerous casinos.


Nightlife centers

There are several nightlife centers in the Philippines. One of them is the capital of the country - Manila. The center of nightlife in the capital can be called Rojas Boulevard, famous for its magnificent clubs. It should be noted that not all Manila nightclubs are designed for young people who prefer loud music and noisy parties. In some you can spend a wonderful family evening, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and performance of local bands (Filipinos are very musical). Lonely or simply bored visitors can rely on the society of the so-called “mistress” - an attractive girl, with whom for a nominal fee you can not only talk, but dance and do a lot of different things that you are interested in.


The city is replete with illegal hangouts. Many restaurants and even hotels offer clients the services of prostitutes, and the hot spots are literally teeming with pimps that offer girls of any kind. You should know that many girls are forced into prostitution against their will. This is especially true of provincials - having believed the recruiter’s promises, they end up in a brothel.


Life does not stop with the onset of night in the popular island resort of Cebu. Music, parties, strip shows - a sea of ​​opportunities to spend here a fun, unforgettable night.


And yet the main party place in the country is the resort of Boracay. Countless coastal restaurants and beach discos of the island create a special atmosphere for night adventures. Interestingly enough, each restaurant has a music of a certain style played, it can be hard rock or disco, ethnic music or techno. In addition to music restaurants, Boracay is famous for its amazing fire shows; local firemen are surprisingly adept; it is curious that among them there are a lot of transvestites, so you have to watch out. Magicians, artists, beggars, as well as travelers from all over the world - the flow of people on White Beach is an extremely exotic sight. In some institutions you can have some fun a pool with a beautiful Filipino girl, and with a successful set of circumstances you get to know her better. The official nightlife stops here around midnight, smoothly flowing into the closed bars and clubs.



Embassy is considered one of the best clubs not only in the capital, but in the whole country. This club has a stylish design and relaxed atmosphere. You can dance in the main room of the place under a soft house, and in the recently built club wing there is music of all styles. Embassy prepares great cocktails that will surely allow you to relax.


Alchemy, which is three-storey nightclub pleases visitors with professional DJ’s, magnificent dance floors and laser lighting, giving the surrounding space a quaint look. Each floor has its own music. Alchemy has 5 bars, so the choice of cocktails is extremely rich here, but the best thing out of all is their liqueur with sweets.

If you are looking for a Filipina bride, you can visit the Fiamma club. Pleasant atmosphere, watermelon martini and beautiful Filipina women, that will gladly dance with you.

There are always a lot of young people in Temple bar and Restaurant. Here you can not only have a good time, but also communicate with the Buddha himself (especially after the second or third cocktail), or rather, with a statue of the Buddha.


A real paradise for clubbers is a club with a talking name Ascend. Visitors to the club move from floor to floor, and from the windows of the establishment there is a beautiful view of Bonifacio street lit by night lights. Ascend 360 brand drink and young Filipina brides will not leave you bored.


A great place for a more relaxing holiday is the pub San Mig. Fans of gambling have a direct path to the luxurious casinos Filipino Pavilion and Filipino Heritage. Not to mention the Manila bars (Top of the Century, Orchid Bar) with their rich evening programs and live music.


Manila and the island resort of Cebu are also quite interesting places for the tourists. In the Silver Dollar Bar club, most of the visitors are men who are attracted not so much by beer and music as by charming bartenders and a stunning female show. Juliana Club, working all night long, attracts customers with low prices, excellent disco and various games with the participation of girls and a cash reward to the winner. There are strip bars on the island (Jaguar or Viking for men and Navigator or Chita for the fair sex).


Now let’s talk about the nightlife in the resort of Boracay.. One of the best nightclubs in this resort is Bom Bom, located on the seafront, whose visitors sip cocktails and listen to ethnic music, seated on straw mattresses. It is open until two o'clock in the night. Cocomangas Shooter invites everyone to drink 15 drinks of liquor. The best (that is, not unconscious) drinkers are given memorable T-shirts, and the names of the heroes are imprinted on the wall of fame. Those who do not want to risk, can pamper themselves with a delicious pizza, chill out on the dance floor or enjoy the striptease. Unobtrusive dance music and easy-to-contact Filipino girls are waiting for you in the Summer place, and exotic personalities and representatives of the local bohemian in the Exit Bar.


In Manila, compared with other Filipino cities, there is a rather high crime rate. Fraudsters and pickpockets prefer singles, so it’s safer to go out to meet the night city in the company. Illegal establishments should be avoided. Of course, prices are more affordable there, but the risk of getting into a unpleasant situation is very high. For example, it can suddenly turn out that the girl with whom the tourist decided to spend time didn’t turn 18 yet. Prostitution in the Philippines is in principle outlawed, but carnal pleasures with minors are punished especially harshly, and there are blackmailers who use that to their advantage. In addition, a girlfriend for one night could easily be a transvestite or a professional thief - after a portion of sleeping pills, poured into an exotic cocktail, the client risks waking up without money, documents, or even clothes. Documents and mobile phone will be returned for ransom, and if they refuse, they can use the contact list for compromising evidence.


In general, the nightlife in the Philippines is no less fascinating and diverse than in other Asian countries.


Filipina brides aren’t just beautiful, but they are also very loyal and know how to satisfy a man. They also dream of marrying foreigners, which is the main reason why Philippines attract so many tourists.

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