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Colombian Brides

Why Colombian women choose to date foreigners

The desire to find a foreigner for marriage is becoming more common among Colombian beauties. As a rule, for this purpose they are registered at Colombian marriage agencies, where many foreigners can be found. There is no exact data about how many Colombian women leave their home countries annually when they move to live in their husband’s country. Due to the great demand for Colombian brides, the number of marriage agencies specializing on meeting organizing with foreigners is growing every year. Colombian women associate foreign men with a noble prince from a fairy tale. Colombians tend to think that abroad they will find themselves in another world where love reigns and there are no problems. Mostly girls marry for money, some want love, others don't want to work. There are a lot of reasons.


However, the new generation believes otherwise. Now everyone is using the Internet and already have experience of communication with foreigners from anywhere in the world. In addition, some girls have already been abroad for a variety of reasons. Seasonal work, exchange of students - this helps the Colombian to learn the world. Therefore, more and more Colombian chicks realize that life abroad is not so carefree, but they still believe that there is much better there than in their own country. After all, living in a financially stable country is much easier.


At a subconscious level, Colombian women choose a strong partner in order to have a reliable union and have healthy and successful children. Therefore, American groom - is the best partner in the economic sense, all with such a man can be confident in the next day. As for Colombian men, there is a high probability that they may lose their jobs, which will lead to great difficulties in the family. Moreover, the determining factor is the fact that a Colombian woman usually looks for a strong and reliable partner and, due to the financial aspect, such men can only be found abroad. Over 90% of Colombian students would like to work abroad and 70% of Colombians would like to go live in another country. This trend answers the question of why so many Colombian women are looking for a foreign husband.


Do’s and Dont’s when dating Colombian women

If a foreigner wants to meet a Colombian wife and build a serious relationship with her, he should take into account some facts. In order for the relationship to last for a long time and both be happy, it is reasonable to remember the basic tips and prohibitions that matter while meeting Colombian women.



Determine your intentions

First of all, man should make girl to understand where their relationship will go. Naturally, you do not need to talk about all your plans during the first date. However, it is very important to give the woman the understanding of the purpose of your dating and you need to express it as simply and clearly as possible. You should not postpone the conversation on this topic, because it will be better for both to know real intentions of each other.


Learn to dance

Everyone knows that all Colombian beauties love to dance and they spend a lot of time doing it. This is something like tradition of their country, which is very popular. They dance everywhere and pay a lot of attention to this activity. Therefore, foreigner will have to support his Colombian girlfriend and dance with her. If you do this, it will be very easy to win her heart. This part of the Colombian culture makes local girls very attractive and sexy.


Be cheerful and active

Taking into account the fact that dancing is a tradition of this country is not surprising that columbian girls are very cheerful and energetic. They do not like to sit still, so if you meet a hot Colombian you need to be active and have a good time. Otherwise, she will get bored with a boring life and she does not want to build any relationship.


Make as many compliments as possible.

All girls like their men to say nice words to them. Therefore, while meeting a Colombian woman, it is very important to tell her as many good words as possible, this will help to melt her heart. Compliments are not worth the money, so you need to be generous in this matter. If you do not tell the lady something pleasant, she may even think that something is wrong with her. This practice will not only help to please the girl, but will maintain relationships at the right level.



Don't make her jealous.

Colombian beauties are known for their emotional and passionate heart. Moreover, it is very easy to make her jealous. However, this is a very bad idea to behave like this, because Colombian women really hate such a behavior. Therefore, the most reasonable option is to be as attentive and loving as possible and do not forget to show them your affection and loyalty.


Do not talk on the dance floor

As already mentioned, dancing in Columbia is a something special, during which you have to give everything to the fullest, so there should be no talk during this sacred act. Of course, you can tell her a couple of compliments about how good she is during the dance, but any other comments will be very annoying for Colombian ladies. Allow your bodies to talk while dancing and try to discover everything you need to know without words.


Don’t drink a lot

Although the culture of alcohol consumption in Colombia is quite common, a man should not drink a lot during date night. If a man drinks, the date will not be successful and most likely the girl will lose interest to him. Colombian girls like when men devote themselves to them during first date not to alcoholic beverages.


Colombian Brides: What to Expect Of Them

Without doubt, girls from different cultures have different behaviors and character traits. Therefore, getting to know a woman through a dating agency is not always clear what her character is and how she will behave at the first meeting. However, it is not so difficult to understand it.


  1. The age difference is not important for Colombian brides. In this country, the difference in age of 15-25 years is not a problem at all. This means that young Colombian girls at the age of 20 can marry 40 years old men, and this is considered to be completely normal thing. Although it would be wise to choose a woman with not too much difference in age, as a rule, too young girls do not always sincerely love their older husbands. Therefore, such a marriage will not be sincere and no one will truly be happy in it.  
  2. You do not need to be like George Clooney to attract a Colombian bride. Many Colombians who register on such sites are not interested in building a family with the men of their country, as they consider them unattractive and not suitable for marriage. The fact is that most Colombian males are “famous” for their infidelity and not that type who wants to build a family. In all countries of Latin America, men behave like macho, so many women do not regard them as candidates for marriage. It is for this reason about 75% of Colombian ladies are dreaming to marry a foreigner.
  3. They are full of positive. These women are very cheerful, optimistic and passionate in every sense, while girls from other countries are passive, apathetic, shy and emotionally cold. While meeting with a hot Colombian there will not be time for boredom and she will always charge the man with her positive and good mood.
  4. Colombian women have strong family values. In the countries of North America and Europe, it is not easy to find women with real family values. In today's world, family values ​​are increasingly perceived as old-fashioned, and there are only a few women for whom traditional family values ​​matter. These rare women are Colombian ones, because for them the family is very important, and their main goal is to create a strong and happy family with a faithful and sincere husband.
  5. Colombian women are modest. Compared with most women from other countries, Colombian mail order brides  are quite modest and not demanding. A foreigner does not have to be a millionaire or have a gorgeous mansion to satisfy a Colombian lady. For these ladies a spacious apartment will be enough for creating comfort and warmth atmosphere. In addition, a man will not need to spend incredible sums to entertain his Colombian wife. All these girls need is a safe and stable lifestyle not more or less.
  6. Most of them can be good mothers and wives. In Colombia girls are taught to be ideal housewives and caring mothers since the very childhood. For many Colombian beauties, taking care of children and husband is the meaning of life. As Colombian males are very harsh and demanding with their wives and believe that they should do all household, cook food, raise children and at the same time find time to look after themselves in order to always look attractive. Many girls just do not want to be servants for their men, they crave love and care, which leads them to international dating sites. Receiving love and respect from a foreign man, they will be faithful and will love and care for their loved ones and try to always look attractive to them.
  7. Colombian are easy in conversation and very friendly. Therefore, during the first date, they will behave easily and naturally. They will also be very open and sincere; especially if they see that the man they are dating with is honest and intended to build serious relationship with them.


Colombian Women Dating - Dare to Try It!

On the first date there is always the risk that something will go wrong. Many men are very excited before such an event; it does not matter whether they are meeting with a girl from their country or with a foreign woman. However, if you do not dare to invite her on a date, then you can never find your love.


Be serious about relationships

Colombian women are loyal, so they want to be taken seriously. These girls are waiting for the man to make serious commitments when it comes to relationships, because they do not like to play. They need a long-term relationship, not just a one-night stand. Therefore, starting a relationship with Colombian, it is better to be seriously intended; otherwise everything will end painfully for both.


Financial instability

Although hot Colombian women are not materialists, they still prefer wealthy men who have achieved something in life and have a clear life position. Girls believe that such men will be a reliable support and protection of the family.


Sexual superiority

Colombian girls are very conservative, so if you try to use her sexually, she might hate you forever. She can declare that she will not have an intimate relationship before marriage. Also, do not force her to do something that she does not want. You need to show her that you see in her something more than just a sexual partner and that you are true to what you feel for her.


Be honest and show respect for her

Mail order bride Colombia is honest and loyal. Therefore, she wants to get the same in return. They also expect the man to treat them with respect. Therefore, it is very important to treat them as equals and respect their opinions.


Unhygienic lifestyle

Colombians are very clean. Cleanliness is everything for them, so if you meet a Colombian beauty, you should always be clean and look tidy.


Show her that she is special

When it comes to date, the main thing is to make her feel special. You can invite her to some unusual place, behave very carefully and politely, show how much you appreciate communication with her and the opportunity to be around.


Take her to dance

Colombia has many chic nightclubs that can be visited. She will be delighted with such a night.


Romantic dinner

To make the date even more romantic, you can invite her to have a dinner in a cozy restaurant or cafe. Colombia has many cool restaurants for a perfect date, but to make something truly special, dine by candlelight under the night sky.


Coffee gathering

Coffee is the best friend of a Colombian woman. It would be a good idea to invite her to a date in a coffee shop and have a good time over a cup of coffee. It will not be difficult to find a place with good coffee, as Colombia is famous for its high-quality coffee.


Sunbathing under the sun

It is a great idea to meet Colombian singles on the beach on the next date, because there are many good beaches that you simply cannot miss. A trip to the beach will also help you relax and have a good time enjoying the sun, the ocean and a good company.


Colombian mail order brides

There are many Colombian women dating sites that provide all sorts of services that will help connect and meet with Colombian beauties. Feel the warmth of the country, communicating with them by mail. They are open for communication, always friendly and nice, and never boring. Colombians are ready to devote themselves to the family, giving it their infinitely love and care. These women are well aware of what they want in life and what they want to achieve. They are ready to do everything possible to be loved and appreciated. These girls are very proud of their traditions and culture.


There are a lot of gentlemen on the Internet who met their Colombian brides on dating sites, got married and lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, there are also unfortunate stories about how someone cheated someone. Therefore, it is natural to exercise caution while meeting a Colombian, but sometimes it is really worth it. According to statistics, international marriages that were made through these portals tend to last longer and have a much lower divorce rate than ordinary marriages. This is not surprising, because getting to know each other online gives more time to decide whether to continue the relationship and take them to another level dating in Colombia. This way, they avoid the risk of hurrying and making the wrong decision. They commit themselves only when they are 100% sure that they are suitable for each other and really want to be together.


There are many good online dating sites where you can find good Colombian women in a couple of months. However, no matter what, this does not mean that there are no scams on such platforms. Therefore, reliable dating services do everything possible to ensure that the profiles of the girls are real and each of them has serious intentions. First of all, they check the girls' documents to confirm that they are adults and find out their marital status. In addition, they are interviewing Colombian beauties to understand what they want from this site. Thus, having registered on one of the reliable services, a foreigner can be sure that he will meet serious and sincere women who have the same goal as he is and in future to create a strong, happy family. In addition, the best agencies can arrange a trip to Colombia to meet a girl. They will also help with the paperwork necessary for entering into an international marriage. To start, you just need to choose a reliable mail brides agency and start your search.

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