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Chinese Brides

Chinese Brides and Their Best Qualities

Chinese women are mainly small in terms of height, although there are also some tall ones with slender figures. There are also some women with excess weight, even though it’s very rare for China. However, when a foreigner who has lived in China for many years wants to describe a Chinese woman as a collective type, then he tells about the silhouette of a small, flexible as a reed figure, with small breasts, often, especially in young years, immaculately folded, with small, graceful handles, and a thin neck.


What are the beauty secrets used by Chinese women to stay young and attractive for a long time, to arouse the passion in the eyes of men and the envy of women?


The most popular Chinese cosmetics are whitening products. Tanning is not in fashion here. That is why residents of large cities walk only with an umbrella - so that the sun does not make them yellow. Many more agree to plastic surgery to flatten the nose or to make the incision of the eyes "more European." They really stand out in the crown.


In the first place among the cosmetic ingredients in China are pearls. The composition of pearls consists of 14 amino acids, which smoothen the skin and improve metabolism. Other well-known component of oriental cosmetics for Chinese beauties is the lotus, which prevents the appearance of age spots, hops. They also use algae to moisturize the skin, as well ginseng, in order to tighten the facial contours.


Chinese women pay a lot of attention to nutrition. They try to eat as many sour foods as possible, especially apples and lemons. In order for the skin to look great even after 30 years of ago, they eat soy products - soy sauce, soy meat and tofu soy cheese, which contain iron, calcium and vitamin E, which necessary for the skin during this age period.


Most of the Chinese brides have beautiful teeth, the eyes are not always narrow, they often, indeed, twinkle with the mystery of the East. Chinese brides are also known for their charming smile, that makes foreigners lose their head from the peculiar, somewhat exotic, beauty of a Chinese woman and become their loyal friends, lovers, husbands for life.

Chinese girls are naturally endowed with self-control, caution, sweet shyness, restraint when meeting a stranger, especially a foreigner.

The Chinese girl, for the most part, will not let her think lightly of her. The one who will be inconsiderate with a Chinese girl, impolite with her, and who goes into ambiguity, can never count on success among the Chinese female society. Chinese brides appreciate the following qualities in men:solidity, correctness, well-known taciturn and courtesy.

Just like most of the Asian women, Chinese brides are great housekeepers, faithful wives, loving mothers, creatures that are feminine in nature, tender and touching, though often on the aural criterion are noisy.

More girls love all sorts of ryushechki, clothes with the image of Hello Kitty and bright things, which in other countries would be classified as "for children". Too short skirts, awkward gait on heels, a lot of glitter. And because of all this excessive cuteness it is impossible to determine the real age of Chinese brides - it can be a girl of 23 years of age or a woman over forty.

The shoulders are considered the sexiest part for Chinese women. Therefore, it is often possible to meet decent ladies in short shorts or a battered skirt, but in a long sleeve sweater without any cuts.


Every year, the life of Chinese women is improving along with the whole country. Their role in society is becoming increasingly important. Today I would like to note with joy the fact that Chinese women, like women of the whole world, understand their significance in life more and more. And they seek equal rights in all spheres of public activity. However, Chinese brides still remain as a beautiful oriental mystery - they are tender, like their favorite lotus flowers, charming as the eternal symbol of China - chrysanthemums, slender - like young bamboo shoots and as strong and inflexible as bamboo.


Secrets of a Healthy Lifestyle of Chinese Women


1. Even young toddlers, that are learning how to make first steps, begin to engage in recreational gymnastics;


2. During menstruation, women do not eat cold foods and do not drink cold water. The temperature of food and water should not be lower than the temperature of our body. In addition, during the menstruation period, Chinese women are wary of drafts and do not bathe in cold waters. That way they protect themselves from various diseases of the genitourinary system;


3. Chinese women do self-massage every day. For example, to keep the breasts healthy, they do the following: they fold their arms over the right breast - right from above, and left from below, and massage the breast clockwise 36 times. The same is done with the left breast. There is a self-massage for every part of the body;


4. To keep skin smooth and youthful, Chinese ladies regularly make masks, for example: they mix egg white, a tablespoon of honey, 1 tsp. lemon juice. This composition is applied to the face before bedtime, and after half an hour it is washed off with warm water;


5. The Chinese brides like to eat mostly cereal dishes made from rice, buckwheat, oats, rye and wheat, because it is in cereals that there is a mass of amino acids, vitamins and microelements. Cereals contribute to good intestinal function and give a lot of energy;


6. Chinese women also eat a lot of fruits, boiled and raw vegetables, greens, nuts, mustard, seafood and dairy foods;


7. Chinese women do not carry heavy loads. That is why they practically do not suffer from phlebeurysm;


8. Instead of meat the Chinese prefer to eat fatty fish, beans and peas. That is one of the main reasons why there are barely any overweight people in China;


9. Ladies carefully look after hair, regularly making masks. Here is one of them: grind a handful of peas before bedtime, pour warm water to thicken it, and leave it overnight. In the morning, put a mask on wet hair for half an hour, and then wash it off with warm water;


10. Waking up, women in China do not jump out of bed. First, they warm their palms, rubbing them together, and then, touching their foreheads, they perform a series of washing movements. Due to this, they calmly meet their new day, because these manipulations calm the nervous system;


11. Chinese brides constantly drink water. Since childhood, they have become accustomed to carry water containers with them everywhere. If you ask what the minimum prerequisite of existence for Chinese women means, they will answer with one voice: access to drinking water. Coolers and dispensers in China are installed in almost all public places;


12. Chinese women drink quite a lot, while tea is one of the favorite drinks of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. Experts recommend to use oolongs, pu-erhs and red teas with the addition of goji berries, astragalus and jasmine flowers, which have a special impact on beauty and health. It is important not to add sugar or milk to the drink;


13. Compliance with the daily routine in China is one of its characteristic features. Chinese women pay close attention to meals and sleep. After lunch, Chinese women try to find time to sleep, often right at the table, and students, for example, come to sleep in the library;


14. The absence of pronounced facial expressions also contributes to the preservation of youthful skin: the less the facial muscles work, the less there are facial wrinkles. A calm and thoughtful expression is an effective replacement for Botox;


15. The use of jade roller for facial massage improves blood circulation in the skin and helps to eliminate toxins. In ancient times, there were two basic gadgets: jade roller for massage of acupuncture points and a special flat jade stone, which was used to relieve tension from the facial muscles. oday such jade rollers are sold on the Internet: they can be bought in specialized online stores and even ordered from China.


All in all, healthy nutrition and self-care are the main components of female youth and beauty.

Some Advices on how to Keep Your Relationships Strong With Chinese Brides


Be yourself

If you think that Chinese brides will date you just because you are a foreigner, you have a six-figure salary, or you can help them get a Green Card, then you are wrong. Obviously there are also women like that, but the maximum you can count on from such girls in sex. If you are looking for long-term relationships with a Chinese beauty, then you should show all of her character traits in the best way;


Chinese women want to be open to new experiences.

This is very important, especially in intercultural relations. Most likely, your beliefs will be challenged, especially when it comes to medicine. You will have to figure out and understand why your girlfriend will most likely receive treatment for TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) than take a few pills from the first-aid kit.


Be prepared to compromise

Some woman said that any relationship should have a balance. Especially when it comes to children, because you have to think about their future.

Compromise does not mean ignoring conflicts - it shows that you respect the feelings of your partner, hear him, and are ready to find a solution that suits both of you.


It works both ways - she may allow you to drink a bottle of beer during the Super Bowl, but you have to accept the fact that she will drink some homemade tincture if she feels bad.

Of course, this applies to both partners, but it’s especially important if you are dating someone who belongs to a different culture, especially if you are in China. Women have not so much experience with other nations, so you have to learn and understand a lot of things.


Why Chinese Brides Choose Foreigners


They are funny

Almost all women say that they like men who enjoy life. They do not need a man who strives only to climb the career ladder and spend the whole day sitting on business projects. This approach is typical for Chinese men - they strive to find a stable job that will allow them to have a luxurious home and quality items.


Most Chinese women said that foreigners have freer views of life.


Perhaps this is the result of a different type of education, more open parents, or simply the fact that they moved from another country.


They perceive past relationships a lot better.

The romantic relationships of expats and Chinese women are not new in big cities, and this trend is popular not only among young people. There are many mature, even already married women who meet with foreigners in the hope of a new love.


They solve all of the problems and do it quickly

It's more about relationship problems. Some Chinese brides have said that Chinese men are passive when it comes to disagreements, and the typical way to cope with difficulties is to remain calm and hope that everything will be solved itself.


In their opinion, foreigners are ready to talk about the problem and look for solutions. This approach requires enough time and experience to cope with the situation, but foreigners believe that it is better to deal with the conflict better than to avoid it.


Best Places to Meet a Chinese Bride


There is a paradoxical answer to a question on where to meet Chinese brides. Searching in places that are popular amongst foreigners( like clubs, bars, karaoke facilities and others) isn’t the best idea. The fact is that with such a large number of people, Chinese most of all value privacy and in all public institutions there is no common room or common places - only small separate booths. For example, if you come to a restaurant or cafe - you have no idea who else is here, because right from the entrance you are escorted to a separate booth, where you and your company eat food. If you come to a nightclub - you won’t see anyone on the dance floor, because everyone sits at individual tables in their companies (except for the prostitutes that only want your money). Personal space in transport, on the street and in other crowd places is also carefully guarded. So it won’t be the best idea to start talking to a Chinese bride on the street. The best way would be to ask a friend of yours to introduce you to a familiar and free girl. That way you will have a chance.


You can also search for beautiful Chinese ladies online. For example, there is a great smartphone app called MarryU. There are plenty of search filters that will help you find the right girl. It even shows who the person works as, how much she makes, what kind of car she has, whether she has a property- everything is as detailed as possible. Chinese women sit in this app for one reason- to find a husband.


This is certainly not the only online option. You can also try the Chinese counterpart of Tinder - TanTan. This is a great app not just for searching for long-term relationships, but also for sex.

The simplest option is to go to WeChat and run the function "People nearby". That way you will be able to find a pretty Chinese bride near you in no time.

Once you have met your love, you have to understand that relationships need to be promoted and improved. And here comes the second stage of shock - the Chinese girls don’t drink. That is, do not drink at all. No, I agree that a drunk girl is disgusting, but there must be a sense of proportion. Refusing a glass of wine or a glass of beer is nonsense to me, but this is the rule here. A girl should not drink alcohol under any circumstances, otherwise she will not be counted as a person.


Another thing that you need to get is the approval from the parents of the girl. That is, no matter how good-looking you are, how much money you make, without the approval of mom and dad, no decent girl would consider herself yours.


It might take you some time to get used to the uniqueness of Chinese brides, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize that there aren’t prettier and sexier women in the whole world.

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