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Online dating - the best opportunity for relationship

Psychologists have decided to break acquaintance into several stages: the first glance, with which the two people assess each other; the first 10 seconds of a comprehensive assessment of the impression made; first ten minutes of conversation; the first hour spent together.

It is believed that these milestones, although one after another, step by step, and often, as in a computer game, mean a transition from one level to the next, perhaps more difficult, but, nevertheless, equally important for the continuation of dating and the development of future relationship. All above statements are valid for the situation when two people meet each other for the first time in real life. And what happens if the two people meet in virtual reality? More and more Australian users are wondering if there is any advantage to dating online.

Both psychologists and employees who ensure the operation of dating sites are sure that a good virtual acquaintance is an acquaintance that led to solid and harmonious relations in real life. Of course, it's good when you have friends all over the world who will listen on Skype, read or text a long, heartfelt email, talk about the climate in a tropical country where they live, help you rent an apartment for a holiday. But most of us, getting acquainted in the World Wide Web, still hope to find not only the warmth of the soul of another person, but the warmth of the hand that can be touched during meeting. Thus, we take for granted that with a successful set of circumstances, sooner or later and with virtual acquaintance, there will come a moment of first look and talk in the real world, the first 10 seconds, minutes, hours ... and whole life together.

  • In real life, when we meet, we almost always cannot avoid the first glance at each other. On the Internet, our eyes caress the photo. On various free dating sites in Australia, posting a photo can be optional or a prerequisite. Usually, more serious resources, require stringent moderation conditions are maintained by the publication of images, which allows you to be sure: in the profile of the person you are interested in, you can look at the face, the picture will be real photo, not the painted "avatar" and not Italy goalkeeper Gian Luigi Buffon, the picture will not contain advertising and indecent, offensive material. In life, it is often inconvenient for us to openly consider people, it is also unpleasant for us when unknowable people stare at us shamelessly. When we meet someone on the Web, comfortably seated in a favorite chair by the computer, in slippers and a bathrobe, with a mug of tea, we can look at the photo for an arbitrarily long time. Free dating sites - top opportunity for introverts!
  • The fleeting 10 seconds of the first general impression, developing in real life from information that almost all the senses give us in the first instant of acquaintance, replaces the general impression of a profile on a dating site. In life, we unconsciously analyze not only the appearance of a person (the anatomy of his face and figure), but how he is dressed (clean, careless, sloppy, plain, elegant, stylish), the condition of shoes, hairstyle, nails, skin and so on. On the site, we are more consciously, and, as a rule, we evaluate the profile in more detail and thoroughly. Sometimes a person looks good, but the smell is so bad, that thanks to the computer for the opportunity not to smell the other person. Moreover, this circumstance can be typical for both: man and woman. In addition, the Internet makes it possible to immediately draw from the account of the person who is interested in you, more information than in real life.
  • During the first ten minutes of the meeting, the couple usually exchanges polite, little meaningful phrases, trying to start and keep up the conversation. On the Internet, usually with the so-called "small" conversations courtesy begins correspondence. You also have the opportunity to express your thoughts much better. And also to evaluate the literacy of speech, how carefully your talk friend belongs to the language. The duration of the conversation depends on you. Dating sites in Australia are the most popular way to search for new, interesting people.
  • On the first date, people usually have a good time, walking in a romantic place (a park or a public garden), or doing something together. Something that both like, for example, rollerblading or painting (if both ones are artists). At least, psychologists recommend that you plan a first date. Also, experts advise after a walk or other joint activities to drink coffee or tea in a cozy cafe, without stunning music, so that you can finish a well-started day with warm conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. On the dating site, the first, modest and minimalist meal together replaces all the same correspondence.

If you carefully looked at the photo of the user you liked, studied each other's accounts, entered into talk, iterated the initial awkwardness, and it is interesting and pleasant for you to communicate, - most likely, you are still ahead.

Modern ways for online dating

Dating websites.
These services are actually the foremost prevalent for dating and chatting on the Web. Their peculiarity is that the profile is compiled according to a previously thought out helpful format (in extraordinary columns you put data about the reason of the associate, the highlights of your character and leisure activity, the desires from the acquaintance, etc.). Among the points of interest of portals: the capacity to raise the survey to the beat, a tremendous selection of options, filter system, auto-match partner based on a well-thought compatibility algorithm. But there are too drawbacks: the number of profiles is too large, a lot of spam and promoting accounts, enlistment on a few dating sites is paid.
Social networks for dating.
Another very popular type of online dating service. Here you can search for both friends for easy communication and partners for romantic relationships. Some of these social networks have a certain "specialization": for example, they are intended for those who are not ready to go beyond the flirtation, or for single parents who dream of finding a soul mate. The pitfalls of such social networks are the same as those of dating sites - uncertainty in the interlocutor and the opportunity to become a victim of fraudsters.
Social networks.
These services do not have a specific thematic specialization. Through them, you can try to establish an informal contact, "crossing" various social strata. On these services, people are more likely focused on friendly communication than on a romantic one, so finding a partner in this way will not be easy. Moreover, in recent years, fearing fraud and intrusive advertising, people are reluctant to add strangers to friends.
Instant messaging and files - a huge plus messenger, as well as the fact that they usually cover a global audience, not limited to one country. But at the same time it is possible to communicate only within the framework of this service. Yes, and make acquaintance in the messenger is not easy. Another disadvantage of such services is that you cannot know in advance the interests and often even the age and sex of the interlocutor. In a word, everything rests on the "happy occasion", and this is not the most reliable option for finding a partner.
Chat Roulette.
An interesting way to get acquainted: the program finds two random interlocutors with the status of "online" and connects them. Communication takes place via video link. The peculiarity and a certain advantage of the method (as well as a disadvantage) is the rule of the "great random": it is not known who will become your interlocutor - a partner of your dreams or a doubtful type of individual with unusual hobbies, for example, an exhibitionist. And also, if you leave the chat roulette and do not ask the contacts of the new acquaintance, you can hardly find him again. In general, for the beginning of a serious relationship, the option is so-so...

Free dating sites - saving time

On dating sites and in social networks, users do not see each other, so it's easier for them to speak the truth in intimate conversations. People who are looking for not just a soul mate, but love for life, on social networks show the utmost honesty. Psychologists justify this by saying that people do not want to waste their time in vain. In real life, telling the truth is much more difficult.

On the Internet, you can arrange a personal "casting", selecting the people you like. Of course, in life and in the photo, people can be different, but the initial impression of the appearance is very important. The biggest plus of online dating is freedom of choice and time saving.

You can meet at work, in public transport, in between business choices - whenever you want. The Internet helps to significantly facilitate the process, prepare for the first date. There are filters at special places for dating, with the help of which you can get only those who are seriously in the mood for issuing.

Online dating and your money

Since people initially meet to establish relationships, they do not immediately pay attention to the size of each other's wallet. And those who came to enrich themselves are often quickly frustrated and revealed the truth.

About security

Unfortunately, sometimes it's not easy to find 100 percent free services, but you can know useful things. Dangers in online dating: Tips for your own safety. Everyone who meets with an unknown person from the Internet, should note the following points:

  • Before a meeting, even if the date almost lives around the corner, a telephone call should take place before the meeting, at long distances, several phone calls are advised. Pay attention to inconsistencies or strange dialogues. Not infrequently, telephone conversations can be very enlightening and confirm the feeling for or against a personal meeting.
  • You may also check your date on search engines if you have little or no information. Sometimes you will learn more.
  • The date should basically take place in a busy location and also be terminated there. You should refuse home invitations.
  • If it is necessary, tell friends or family members about the meeting.
  • Take your smartphone with you on the date.
  • Do not leave your drinks and food unattended, eg. For example, if you need to go to the bathroom or leave the place for other reasons and return again.
  • Do not leave your handbag, smartphone or purse out of your hand, even if you think you've got some confidence.
  • Break off the date if your counterpart becomes intrusive or uncomfortable or you have not a good feeling.
  • Be careful about the following appointments as well, and do not throw the good tips you've been following overboard out of love blindness. Anyone who wants to do that does not show his true face the first time.
  • Watch out for secure data transfer portals and regularly monitor your profile for any changes you have not made. Also, the renewal of the password brings additional protection.
  • Do not send pictures to unknown persons via messenger services. You can not know what they are doing or where your photos are landing.
  • False profile pictures on the net is a popular tool of criminal persons.
  • If you are in doubt, search engine image search can be helpful.

Free dating site without payment of Australia

There are over 50 dating sites in Australia. Be aware of those who are 100% free and reliable. If you want to know more about free dating sites in Australia with no credit card, read about following ones:

  • Zoosk. Zoosk has taken a new and innovative path. The Zoosk App is new in the field of dating, but as a flirt app has already gained a lot of experience in online dating. With a unique system Zoosk now wants to revolutionize the online dating service. Zoosk has developed an innovative, self-learning algorithm (Behavioral Matchmaking) for this purpose. This does not present partner suggestions on the basis of a questionnaire, but automatically learns what the wishes and needs of the user are. What the users really want, derives the system from the actual behavior of the respective members. Do you like anyone? Do you send gifts to anyone? Which other members respond to the user's messages, etc. All these factors are analyzed and evaluated by the Zoosk app in the background.
  • Elite Singles. Elite Singles is a brokerage specializing in the placement of singles with a high intellectual and cultural level. If you are looking for a serious and long-lasting partnership, this is the place for you. Elite Singles is one of the leading agencies in the English-speaking countries and especially regarding the respectability of dating services. There are approximately the same number of men and women, the average age of the members is 42 years for women and 39 years for men.
  • This site is one of the first to introduce online dating internationally. Free dating on became available in 1995, and, nevertheless, the site continues to operate successfully to this day. Each month, about 35 million people from different countries use the resource. On it you can find your soul mate, as well as a friend, ally and just a good companion. In general, the site is more focused on the American and Australian contingent. Unfortunately, the states that are not listed are not eligible to register. Russia is not there, but you can register on the site through the VPN service. Registration itself is free. There are no strict restrictions on the age of the participants: the main thing is that you reach the 18th anniversary and are not married.
  • Ok Cupid. International dating services have recently been in demand because of the opportunity to quickly meet someone who is in one city or vice versa at a great distance in another country. is one of the most successful resources on which many people find their soul mate. What is special about this portal and how is it different from others? The dating site was created 15 years ago, in 2003, and every year it is gaining more and more fans, not only in the Australia, but throughout the world. At the moment, the number of users is about 10 million. There are all the basic functions that a free dating site has.

100% Free Australian Dating Sites

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100% free Australian dating site. Absolutely FREE! No hidden costs, no 'locked' areas, no upgrades, it's all free.

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Metrodate have now eliminated premium memberships so that you can use all of the features with a free membership - Browse Profiles, Send Flirts, Use Voice and Video on Profiles, Online Messaging, Chat Rooms, and more.

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Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles really is 100% free! Many online dating services claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges later.

This is a 100% FREE online dating service offering online dating, photo personal ads, matchmaking, free email, extensive search, and more. Connect with someone special today!

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Plenty Of Fish

With over 10 million members in USA, Canada, UK and Australia it's easy to see why PlentyofFish is one of the premier free online dating websites.

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Commercial Australian Dating Sites

The following Australian dating sites are NOT free but we list them for your reference and comparison. Some of them offer free trials, or subscriptions with limited services.
Popular Australian Dating Services (but not free)
Adult Matchmaker Aussie Matchmaker
RedHotPie Adult FriendFinder


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Online dating is very popular among Australians.

If you want free online dating to find hot Aussie guys and girls, check out the sites above.

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