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Asian Brides



Asia is one of the best regions to look for brides and it is easy to understand why. The continent itself has over 4 billions people and a great number of brides of any taste. A lot of foreigners are shocked by how beautiful they are. Here are some other things you need to know about Asian brides:

  • You won’t find prettier women than Asian brides. Even though their appearance might look unusual to you at the beginning, you will understand with time how beautiful they actually are. Their sexy body is also incredible;

  • They are very wise. Asian brides seem to have a special connection with nature, and they also believe in God. This is why they seem to be so calm, always smiling and kind to others. They are also great at recognizing when their partner needs some words of help or advice. This makes them very attractive to foreign men, because they know that there is a person they can always count on. She will be more than just your wife, but also friend and sister at the same time;

  • They really value family. There aren’t really age limits on when Asian girls have to marry, but they want to get married as soon as possible. Asian brides hate being lonely and want to be together with someone all the time. You will be surprised, but there are barely any divorces in Asia, because they think that there should be just one partner till the rest of the life. Because they love their husband so much, you can be sure that they will be ready to sacrifice themselves for the family and won’t make stupid decision that may ruin your Asian dating;

  • Asian girls are great cookers. They manage to combine their full-time job with cooking, and they do a great job. You can be sure that you will never be hungry with your lovely Asian wife;

  • They want the man to be the leader of the family. There are a lot of feminists in Europe and United States nowadays, and that’s also partly why foreigners are so passionate about Asian brides. They will let you be the leader of the family, make all of the important decisions and feel yourself like a real man;

  • Great thing for foreigners is that most Asian brides are very smart, and they know English pretty well. And the ones that don’t do everything to master it as soon as possible. So you will have no problems with communication, which is crucial in the relationships;

  • Asian brides are perfectionists. They don’t just want to do stuff at a good level, but they always want to be the best at something. They are taught this at the very childhood by their parents;

  • You have probably seen pictures of 50-year old Asian women who look like college students. That is not accidental, and they obviously can’t look like that by nature. It just means that they really look after themselves. Isn’t it great when your wife looks sexy and beautiful all of the time at any age?;

  • Loyalty is another thing worth mentioning. Cheating is not in the likes of Asian women. They will always tell you if something is wrong, but will never betray you and stab a knife in your back.

Mail Order Brides. Who are They?

Mail order brides are women who are looking for serious relationships with foreigners. Some mistakenly think that you can buy a bride and use her as your property. That’s a lie, because there is no slavery in the 21st century. That being said, you can purchase a subscription to special services that provide you communication with mail order brides. Mail order brides have a specific taste and want to try something new in their relationships.


Reasons Why Asian Women Become Mail Order Brides

This might sound somewhat suspicious to you, because it is illogical to search for a husband abroad if you are family-oriented and have a good education. You could just stay in China or any other Asian country, live happily with your husband and raise children. At this point you might think that most of them just want to use you for money and move on to a better place. However, everything is exactly the opposite. First of all, there is a clear imbalance between the number of men and women in several countries, so it’s very hard to find a perfect match. Second of all, Asian brides are not happy with how their man treat them. There is plenty of disrespect and violence going on, so there is no wonder why Asian women prefer foreigners. Finally, Asian men have a bad habit of cheating on their wives. Asian brides clearly can’t forgive this, because they are very loyal and would never do such things themselves. All of this makes Asian brides choose foreigners, who are a lot more handsome and know how to take care of their women.


Best Countries to Look for an Asian Bride

If you have already decided that Asian brides are your choice indeed, then you can start looking at different Asian countries and make your choice. Try to not just focus on one country, because Asia is a huge continent and all of the countries have different girls who are beautiful in their own way.

Before getting to the countries, think about the things that interest you in the women most, such as: femininity, looks, intelligence, attitude, conservativeness, their English, and a lot of other stuff. This is very important because you only want to visit the countries that have the right girls for you and don’t waste time.

I came up with 5 countries that have the top girls in my opinion. However, you shouldn’t take it for granted, because it’s just an opinion of one person.


It isn’t hard to understand why Indonesia is considered as one of the best countries for meeting Asian brides. Country has a population of about 260 million people, of which roughly 10 million of them are single girls who aren’t aged yet. That means that there are about 1000 girls per foreigner, which is incredible. You already have a major advantage, because the girls are bored without love and are ready to jump into your hands. It also means that you have a wide choice and can pick almost any lady you like.

As to the qualities of Indonesian women, they seem to be very exotic, friendly and open-minded. There is also no such thing as age gap, so you have nothing to worry about. You also have to consider that most of the Indonesian girls are pretty religious. It can be both a plus and a minus depending on what you want. Because of this, they are very conservative and don’t even think about sex before getting married. However, that is obviously not the case with all of the Indonesian brides, because there are always exceptions. Some will happily just into your bed if you only ask them to. That’s also great to know if you are looking for sex. If you are wondering how to meet Asian girls, you can visit nightclubs, bars, malls and other places. You could also use apps like Tinder to find an attractive sexy Indonesian bride.

Another great thing about Indonesian women is that their English is pretty good. You can’t call it perfect, but it’s more than enough to understand each other. If you really enjoyed staying in Indonesia and decided to stay, then you can also master Indonesian language, because it’s actually very easy to learn.


Despite all of the advantages, Indonesia just like any country has its own downsides, such as:

  • Some of the girls are too religious and don’t think about anything else. They are also wearing veils, which might not attract you too much;

  • Cost of living is pretty expensive comparing to some other Asian countries;

  • There is not much to do for the tourists;

  • The city is pretty polluted and there is always traffic everywhere. This might not be the best place for long-term living.



This was an obvious choice on our list. Most Filipinas are very attractive with long hard and a charming smile. They are also very feminine and sweet. They really know to find a way to man’s heart and make him happy.

Philippines are the best Asian country you can find in terms English knowledge. Both middle-class and higher-class are nearly fluent in English. This is a great thing to have, because you will feel like home. However, keep in mind, that the poor class is badly educated, and they can barely speak English. You shouldn’t even be looking at them though, because they are most likely going after your money.

Philippines have a high birth rate, so there are a lot of young girls just waiting for you. They look differently depending on where you are planning to search. In the north girls are quite tall and are a bit more white. In the south it’s totally the opposite. Girls are a lot shorter and darker. You should also keep in mind that most  Filipinas have some Spanish blood, so you can count on a great Latina body.

Great thing about  Filipinas is that they are very family oriented. They will do anything possible to build a happy family. They are also very kind-hearted and always help their families, even if they don’t ask for help. For example, some of them give out have of their paycheck to their parents, and they think that it’s totally normal. Even though they are conservative, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a girl to sleep with you if you are just looking for sex. There are plenty of girls like that as well.


A few cons that you should look out for:

  • Internet is slow in most of the cities, especially in the smaller ones;

  • Large cities are pretty boring and there are only a few things to do for the tourists;

  • Problems with obesity keep growing every year. About 20% of the girls have some problems with weight.



Vietnamese women are among the best in all Asia. They are extremely beautiful, but at the same time very smart and hard-working. You will be surprised by how much time they spend on self-development and how curious they are about the world. Foreigners are very attractive to them, they will gladly spend some time with you by taking photos and practicing English.

Another thing that differs Vietnamese women from the rest of Asian brides is their natural beauty. Plastic surgeries are something uncommon here, because they understand how good they are.

Vietnamese brides are very conservative and think that sex before marriage shouldn’t be allowed. Anything vulgar is also considered a shame, so it’s not the best country if you are looking for a girl for one night. However, Vietnam is one of the best countries if you are looking to build a family. You will have to be patient, give it some time, perhaps even learn Vietnamese, but it will be definitely worth it.

Their English is something to worry about, because most of them can barely speak it. However, they will happily study it if they like you and feel like you are the right person to build a family with. They are also very intelligent and often use it to their use.

The thing with Vietnam is that you will almost certainly have to learn Vietnamese. Without it, you will have barely anyone to talk to and most amenities will be a lot harder to get. However, if you will have an Asian love that will help you learn the language and adapt it shouldn’t be a problem. You will also get to visit a lot of exotic places, because there is a lot to explore.

Vietnamese women don’t have significant cons besides the lack of English.



Thai women are very good-looking by themselves, but they don’t just rely on how they look. They actually look after themselves very diligently and dress quite stylishly.

Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, Thailand has never been colonized by any European countries, so they have a totally different history, traditions and culture. Some of them save their virginity until it’s marriage time, but the other part is totally fine with having sex at any time, especially the girls at bigger cities. For this purpose you can visit nightclubs and party all night long.

You should also be aware that you won’t be able to discuss the meaning of life and other stuff with most of the Thai women, because they aren’t great talkers due to limited English. They still love dirty jokes though. However, you shouldn’t try joking about the politics, because there are laws that clearly prohibit it, so be careful.

Thailand is also a great place to live in. It is pretty fun and there are a lot of places that you can visit.

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Way too many prostitutes and transgenders;

  • A lot of other foreigners, so it’s pretty competitive;

  • Very bad English, especially in some of the places;

  • Some of the Thai women are racists.



It will be pretty hard not to find your soul mate in China, because of the amount of population and beautiful singles. There are just not enough Chinese guys to satisfy all of the Chinese brides. This is a great sign for foreigners.

Chinese women are very passionate about creating a family. They want to do it before the age of 25, because after that woman without a husband is considered to be a loser in China. However, they don’t just want to do it for the tick. They are very loving and caring. Family means everything to them.

Their English is alright. It’s slightly better/worse depending on the region, but in general you shouldn’t have any problems with understanding her.

Another great thing about Chinese brides is that they are great at cooking. Chinese food can be very different, but most of it is very delicious. If your girlfriend knows how to cook it, then it’s a big plus.

The minuses are:

  • For some reason some of the Chinese girls think that if you are white then you are automatically rich, so you will attract a lot of gold diggers who just want to use for money. This can also be a plus if you are just looking for love and don’t care about long-term relationships;

  • There are a number of controversial laws that you might not like;

  • If you are going to stay in China, it will be almost a must to learn Chinese, and Chinese is one of the hardest languages to master, so it might take you a lot of time to even understand people.


There are also a lot of other countries that didn’t make it to the review, but are worth a honorable mention, such as Japan, India, Cambodia and others.


Are Asian Mail Order Brides Legit?

Asian mail order brides are totally legit. That being said, you still have to pay attention to the sites. There are scammers everywhere nowadays. Try to see if the description of the site looks legit and see what other people have to say about the site.

What Others Have to Say About Mail Order Bride

  • Can’t believe that I’ve never heard of such services before. This is absolutely fantastic if you want to build long-term relationships with a girl abroad;

  • I’ve always wanted to meet an attractive Asian, but never had enough time to actually fly to Asia and see everything for myself. This service helped me find my love online. I’m entirely grateful.



All in all, there are plenty of fantastic girls in any Asian country. Asia is a great place for both long-term relationships and one night love.

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